‘Jurassic World’ Toys Debut, Revealing A Completely Unexpected New Dinosaur

The Hasbro toy line for Jurassic World has made its official debut, revealing several new details about the film, including an unexpected, never-before-seen dinosaur that may feature in the final cut of the highly anticipated sequel.

As part of a well received Super Bowl spot for Jurassic World, fans were treated to their first official glimpse of the Indominus Rex, a laboratory-created dinosaur set to feature as the primary threat in the new film. The Hasbro toys that are slated for release in conjunction with the movie debuted at this weekend’s Toy Fair 2015, giving fans a much better look at Indominus Rex, while simultaneously revealing that it may not be the only unusual dinosaur to appear in Jurassic World.

Images of the toys depict several species of dinosaur previously featured in the Jurassic Park franchise that may be making a return in the new film. A Dilophosaurus and Tyrannosaurus appear in the lineup, as well as a Spinosaurus, which featured prominently in Jurassic Park III. Several different Velociraptors are set for release, sporting individual names, no doubt as part of their new, tame role in Jurassic World. Dinosaurs that have never seen screen time in a Jurassic Park movie also appear, including an Ankylosaurus, a Carnotaurus, and a Dimorphodon. One dinosaur, however, stands out from the pack as a completely unexpected addition, since it never actually existed.

A Stegoceratops is featured in the toy line, indicating that Indominus Rex may not be the first genetically modified dinosaur dreamed up by the Masrani Corporation’s genetic engineers in Jurassic World. Sporting the head of a Triceratops, along with the signature fins and tail of a Stegosaurus, the hybrid dinosaur is molded in an aggressive pose, ready to strike.

Another Hybrid Dinosaur Revealed for Jurassic World? “Stegoceratops” Hmmmm (http://t.co/4KxWmmi2VM) pic.twitter.com/6xV4PrmsrZ — Cinema Attack (@CinemaAttack) February 11, 2015

The Jurassic World toys include removable “battle damage” sections, harkening back to the original Jurassic Park line released in 1993. When those toys debuted, the lineup featured several dinosaurs that never appeared in the actual film, lending support to the notion that the Stegoceratops, along with the other newly featured dinosaurs, are not yet proven additions to Jurassic World.

The toy dinosaurs will be released in several collections, “Basher & Biter,” featuring mechanical action, or “Growler,” which add sounds and lights. Lego is set to introduce its own line of Jurassic World sets, images of which leaked online late last year, giving fans an early, if unauthorized, glimpse of the Indominus Rex.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World will be released on June 12, 2015.

[Image via Twitter/ jurassicparkiv]