ISIS Publicly Whips Iraqi Boy With 60 Lashes For Calling Terrorist Group ‘Daesh’

Over the past year, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been recognized for their grotesque punishments and inhumane treatment of people. The Inquisitr reported that earlier this year, ISIS introduced a new method of execution initiated on the Jordanian pilot they captured.

Now, a video is circulating on social media that showcases more of ISIS’ ruthlessness. This time, a young boy is punished with 60 lashes. His crime: calling the terrorist organization the “Daesh.”

According to the Daily Mail and followed-up by Opposing Views, a horrifying clip of an Iraqi boy unflinchingly receiving 60 lashes to his back for simply referring ISIS as “Daesh” in Anbar is making its rounds online. As shown from the video, dozens of spectators watch, with emotionless expressions, as the accused accepts his punishment. The Iraqi boy kneels on the ground while crying and pleading for mercy as each lash is brought down with unrelenting mercilessness.

For those who may not know, the term “Daesh” is used by the enemies of ISIS for its negative undertones. Apparently, it sounds similar to certain Arabic words which mean, “One who crushes something underfoot,” or “One who sows discord.”

People are wondering if the boy is truly being punished for simply speaking a word. However, people must understand that Sharia law under ISIS is far more extreme than Sharia law simply under Islam. People who live in ISIS-owned territories have been punished for shaving off their beards and playing music. Women have been punished for simply not wearing coverings over their heads. As a matter of fact, ISIS has executed their own for violating their Sharia law.

From what the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights have said, the terrorist group has executed 120 of its members, most of them foreign fighters trying to return home after the mistake they made joining the terrorist group. In one unique case, an ISIS insurgent was beheaded because he was smoking cigarettes.

[Image via Youtube Screencapture/Australia 24/7]