‘Hot Dudes Reading’ Instagram Account Shows Hot Dudes Reading Actual Books, Gains Almost 300K Followers In 2 Weeks

The Instagram account titled Hot Dudes Reading is taking social media by storm, with the official Instagram page gaining more than 266,000 followers and counting. The account owner has only posted 18 pics to the account — apparently gaining buzz from people who like the artistry of the incognito snaps of guys who don’t know that both their good looks and love of books are making them famous.

Well, at least one of Instagram’s Hot Dudes Reading knows he’s been made famous, because the New York Post‎ has profiled the “hot dude reading” named Nick Petrillo, a 24-year-old who discovered he’d made the pages of the hot, two-week-old Instagram account when he woke up to around 100 Facebook messages from friends telling him of his newfound fame. Speaking of newfound fame, Hot Dudes Reading is a phenomenon in and of itself, garnering around 150,000 additional followers — going from 74,000 to nearly 300,000 Instagram followers — within days.

It’s not simply the photos of guys reading that’s helping Hot Dudes Reading go viral on Instagram, but the writing that accompanies the posts prove that whatever creative mind is creating those descriptions is probably a bibliophile as well.

“This brawny bookworm is too preoccupied with Poe to notice the rumbling of a passing train, or the beating of my tell-tale heart. His focus may be admirable but his attention should be elsewhere. #turnitonme #hotdudesreading.”

Those folks looking to nominate a guy that they snap deeply engrossed in a book can tag @hotdudesreading or email pics to hotdudesreading@gmail.com – but note the #NoKindles hashtag in the profile description of Instagram’s latest craze, meaning that the hot dude can’t be seen reading a Kindle or his phone or some such other tablet. No, this Instagram account stands out because it features men that are sort of throwbacks in the digital day and age, thereby Hot Dudes Reading’ proves paperbacks are still sexy, says USA Today‎.

Either way, the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram photos and the descriptions that accompany each post appear a lot more high-minded and cerebral than the Eggplant Friday craze that Instagram banned, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now that the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account is going seriously viral and the subjects are being picked up and profiled by mainstream media, the question remains: Who writes that witty banter and when will that writer show his or her face to the world?

What’s even funnier is taking a gander at the #HotDudesReading tag on Instagram, and scouring through the 1,153 photos with that tag.

Hot Dudes Reading

[Image via Hot Dudes Reading Instagram]