Ashton Kutcher Brags About Having Sex With Mila Kunis — Who Said Chivalry Was Dead?

Actor Ashton Kutcher, who recently portrayed the late Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs in a much-maligned biopic, spoke Friday at Lenovo’s Tech My Way Conference in Sydney, Australia, opening his talk by telling the audience of about 300 that he struggled with what to speak about in the address.

“I don’t take these opportunities lightly. To be able to stand up in front of people and talk and share how you feel about things is a privilege,” the Two and a Half Men star told the tech conference.

He then launched into his topic — sex with his movie-star fiancee, Mila Kunis.

“Last week, I was walking with Mila Kunis, who’s my fiancee,” Kutcher declared. “I get to have sex with her. It’s amazing!”

Later in the talk, Kutcher plugged Kunis’s current film, the sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending.

“She plays the Queen of Humanity,” Kutcher said, describing the role played by Kunis in the box-office bomb, which has grossed just $35 million in 10 days despite a reported production budget of $176 million. “I have sex with the Queen of Humanity!”

When the audience responded with laughter, Kutcher told them to “shush,” adding, “I didn’t say that.”

Given that Kunis and Kutcher are the parents of a baby girl, Wyatt, who was born last year, the revelation that the couple have engaged in sexual relations did not exactly come as a surprise. But for those who may have doubted it, Kutcher’s boast at the tech conference serves as confirmation.

So far, there has been no public response from Mila Kunis regarding her husband-to-be’s pronouncements about their intimate life.

Kutcher was invited to speak at the conference because he is the founder of a technology venture capital firm that has invested in numerous start-up companies, including Skype and Spotify, which have gone on to become successful.

Kutcher also demonstrated the high esteem in which he holds Mila Kunis with an anecdote about a question she received from a reporter on a recent press junket, when the actress was asked — as actresses often are — about what she was wearing at the time.

“Really, really?” asked Kutcher rhetorically. “You had an opportunity to sit with — granted I prize her as the most valuable person in the world to me — but you had a chance to sit with Mila Kunis, and that’s what you asked her? What dress are you wearing?”

There was actually a point to Kutcher’s rambling pronouncements, however. He went on to say that the inane question from the press junket reporter inspire him to think about what kind of question would qualify as “truly exceptional,” and how such a question could have a widespread impact throughout the world.

View the full speech given by Ashton Kutcher, in which he brags about sex with Mila Kunis and comments on other topics as well, in the video above.

[Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]