‘CSI’ Finale Spoilers, Renewal News: Season 15 Bids Farewell To Nick Stokes, Cliffhanger Ahead

The final two episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 15 air Sunday night, and fans know these will be big shows. One significant character is leaving the canvas, and viewers are wondering if CSI has been renewed or canceled. Will the team be back again for more? What CSI spoilers are available for the February 15 episodes?

As TV Guide notes, Sunday’s two-hour finale for Season 15 will be the farewell for George Eads and the character of Nick Stokes. Much of these last two episodes of the season will revolve around the Gig Harbor Killer, and it is said there’s an exciting conclusion to this one. Executive producer Don McGill says that they knew they had to pay tribute to Nick Stokes and Eads as he left the show, and he hopes fans are happy with the result.

These last two shows of Season 15 are titled “Under My Skin” and “The End Game.” The night starts off with a murder linked to the kidnapping of two girls, and there will be a final showdown between the Gig Harbor Killer and the CSI team. The killer’s motives will be revealed, and Stokes will make a big decision that affects the team, which is clearly his decision to leave.

CSI spoilers reveal that Nick is offered the opportunity to run a CSI lab in San Diego. It’s a decision he struggles with, and he will turn both Greg and Sara for their insight. McGill says that in looking at Stokes’ growth from the pilot to this point in the series, it seemed a logical culmination of the character to have him head up his own lab.

Those worried that Stokes may leave via a heartbreaking death or something of that nature apparently can breathe now. McGill says there was never any discussion about killing Nick, as they thought the character was too beloved not only by fans, but by those on the show as well. It is said to be a touching and emotional farewell, and the door will be left open should Eads want to return.

Despite a happy ending for Nick Stokes, there may be trauma for the team. CSI spoilers indicate that someone may die, and there is a cliffhanger. It is teased that sacrifices will be made that will leave a lasting impact.

Given that, fans are worried about just how long they’ll be left hanging. The show has been around for 15 seasons, but will there be a Season 16? So far, the network has not renewed the show, and ratings have fallen a bit. According to TVLine, a CSI renewal could go either way in terms of a yes or a no. McGill says he’s hopeful the show will return, and as far as they know, the show isn’t over yet and they believe they will be back.

Tune in to the Season 15 two-hour finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation airing on CBS on Sunday, February 15 to see the goodbye to Nick Stokes and see how fans are left hanging. Then stay tuned for CSI cancellation or renewal news to see if it comes back for Season 16.

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