Nurses Stuff Latex Gloves In 96-Year-Old’s Mouth, Incident Caught on Horrific Video [Video]

The family of a 98-year-old woman who was physically and mentally abused at the Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma City was rewarded a hefty payout after a jury found a pair of nurses guilty of shoving latex gloves in her mouth.

The elderly woman, Eryetha Mayberry, sat helplessly in her wheelchair as the two nurses aides shoved the latex gloves into her mouth as the entire situation was recorded. The video was instrumental in the final verdict, providing visual evidence of the horrendous act. The family sued the facility for neglect and abuse, eventually being awarded monetary damages of over $1.2 million dollars.

Eryetha Mayberry’s daughters suspected that someone, potentially a staff member, was stealing from her. Mayberry had dementia and was unable to recall whether items were missing or misplaced. As a result, her daughters placed a hidden camera in her room to determine the root cause of the missing items. They did not expect to catch two nurses aides physically abusing their elderly mother by shoving latex gloves into her mouth and tossing her around like a rag doll. KOCO Oklahoma City reported that the video helped the family win a lawsuit against the facility and put one of the abusers behind bars, as another is on the run.

An advocate for nursing home reform, Wes Bledsoe, was upset at the incident and shared that it was not the first time the facility had been accused of abuse.

“In my mind, there’s absolutely no question that these aides had abused other residents before this. This was not the first time that they had ever abused a resident and if it had not been for that camera they would have continued to abuse other residents.”

Metro shared that Lucy Waithira Gakunga and Caroline Kaeseke were both accused and found guilty of the abuse. Both were fired after the incident was brought to light. Gakunga was convicted for the abuse, but Kaseke is on the run and in hiding.

The family was awarded more than $1.2 million for the abuse, a small compensation for the lasting impact on their family.

Mayberry passed away approximately five months after the abuse was reported, nearly unaware of the pain and suffering she endured. Her dementia allowed the memories of the incident to escape her, yet her daughters will remember the incident for the remainder of their lives.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]