‘Sister Wives’ Divorce To Be Addressed Tonight, Browns Have Another Important Family Discussion [Video]

Sister Wives fans might finally find out why Kody Brown is divorcing first wife Meri to legally wed fourth wife Robyn. However, tonight’s back-to-back episodes of the TLC series won’t be solely about the divorce — the family will also have a serious discussion about another polygamy-related topic.

TV Guide has shared the descriptions of the two episodes of Sister Wives that begin airing at 8 p.m. at 9 p.m. ET, and it looks like both episodes will be about the big divorce news. The first episode is titled “First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer,” and its synopsis seems to suggest that Meri Brown is the one who came up with the divorce idea.

“The Browns are stressed out from worrying about the anthropology students’ impressions of the family. Meanwhile, Meri makes a potentially life-changing decision.”

In this episode, Meri will likely announce her decision to step aside as Kody Brown’s only legally married wife. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Browns have remained tight-lipped about this huge family change. However, there’s been speculation that the divorce and marriage have something to do with legal issues regarding Robyn’s three children from a previous relationship. Right now it looks like the Sister Wives are still sticking together, so Meri probably didn’t go through with the divorce because she wants to leave the family.

The second Sister Wives episode is titled “Meri – Behind the Scenes.” Judging from its description, it will delve a little deeper into Meri’s decision and how the rest of the family feels about it.

“A look at Meri’s journey includes the major events in her life in the past five years and her recent decision’s effect on the family.”

Robyn Brown was the subject of a similar behind-the-scenes episode last week, but it never touched on the divorce news. The episode was mostly made up of old Sister Wives clips, and it ended with Robyn talking about her desire to have a child. Perhaps this was a hint that she’ll be announcing baby news later this season.

According to the Wrap, Meri Brown’s daughter will also have an important discussion with her family tonight on Sister Wives. In a teaser for the episode, Mariah talks to her family about her desire to enter into a polygamous marriage. After one of the anthropology students studying the Browns asks Mariah if she has a particular wife number that she’d like to be, Kody pokes fun at his daughter’s response by turning marriage into a math problem.

“I definitely don’t think I would gravitate toward any role based on timing,” Mariah says. “If I am a first wife or a third or a fifth or whatever.”

“Third or a fifth?” Kody responds. “I need to talk to you about multiplying wives.”

Kody can’t even count all his kids when he takes them to the movies, so maybe he shouldn’t make fun of his daughter’s multiplication skills. You can check out the teaser below.

If Mariah really wants to prepare for polygamy, she might want to ask her mom about her ugly feud with Janelle. In a preview for the first of tonight’s episodes, one of the anthropology students asks Janelle about the early tension between the two wives. According to Starcasm, Janelle and Kody weren’t in love when they got married, so Janelle was jealous of Meri’s romantic relationship with Kody. Later on, Meri became the jealous one when Janelle got pregnant before she did. The women were constantly at odds with one another, and one of their fights was so bad that Janelle left the family for two years.

The Browns won’t just be asked challenging questions about their pasts — they’ll also have to answer a tough question about the future of their kids. One of the anthropology students will ask Kody and the sister wives how they would react if one of their kids announced that they were marrying someone of the same sex.

Are you watching Sister Wives tonight in hopes of seeing Meri Brown’s divorce announcement?

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