Linsey Godfrey Injury Update: ‘Bold And Beautiful’ Star Home From Hospital, Details Extent Of Injuries

The Bold and the Beautiful star Linsey Godfrey’s injuries after being hit by a car recently definitely had fans worried. Godfrey underwent surgery and a stay in the hospital, but now she’s home and snuggling with her baby. What’s the latest from Linsey on the incident?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bold and Beautiful star Linsey Godfrey was hit by a car in Los Angeles on February 2. Initial reports indicated that she broke both of her legs and needed surgery, and her rep later said that it was her ankles that were affected, and she was expected to make a full recovery.

Godfrey, who plays Caroline Spencer Forrester on the soap, is finally home from the hospital. Linsey posted a photo to Instagram on February 14 showing her snuggling with her baby girl, Aleda.

Linsey wrote, “Napping on mommy now that she’s fiiiinally home! It’s the only thing that gets me through the day sometimes. I’m so happy to be home with her. My little Valentine.”

The Bold and the Beautiful star also tweeted a Happy Valentine’s Day to fans and reminded them to hold their loved ones tight as life is “so truly precious.” She says that she’s “endlessly grateful” that she’s still here. While the soap star hasn’t said all that much yet about just what happened, it’s clear that it’s been a tough road with a lot of work yet ahead.

Another Instagram post by Linsey showed off the manicure she got not long ago, and she joked about how well it held up through the accident. In the post, Godfrey mentions that she received two broken, dislocated ankles along with a broken fibula and tibia. From the sounds of that note, fans were right to be awfully worried about the Bold and Beautiful star as the initial reports broke about the accident.

In the first few days after the accident, it was reported that the show was rearranging filming schedules to accommodate Linsey’s hospitalization. Now that it’s known that she had to stay in the hospital for nearly two weeks, and clearly has a long recovery ahead of her, fans wonder how it’ll affect her role on the show.

So far, the show hasn’t detailed just how they’ll handle the situation during Linsey’s recovery. Fans know that the role of Caroline is in the middle of a lot of stories right now, so it would likely seem awkward if the character fell off the canvas for a bit. It’s been clear, though, that everybody with the show supports Linsey and is worried first and foremost about her recovery.

Everybody is thrilled to see Linsey Godfrey’s update on getting home and getting plenty of snuggles with her girl. Fans love that she’s still managing to find some tidbits of humor within the difficult situation, and everybody hopes she is feeling better soon.

Linsey’s love, Robert Adamson, has shared that she has been surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues throughout this challenge. Adamson, who plays Noah Newman on The Young and the Restless, shared a photo of everybody gathered at the hospital early in Linsey’s recovery. It’s surely going to be a tough road ahead given Linsey Godfrey’s injuries, but it’s clear that the Bold and Beautiful star is determined to conquer these latest challenges.

[Photo by Earl Gibson II/Getty Images]