WWE News: Update On The Major Backstage Heat On WWE NXT From Main Roster Talent

Due to the major success of WWE NXT programming, fans have started to talk up the brand and most of it’s biggest stars. Meanwhile, RAW and SmackDown are being considered worse in comparison by critics. Do not think that the main roster talent has not heard it, because they have in a major way. After the NXT Special WWE NXT: Rival, once again NXT was getting a ton of love.

It lived up to WWE NXT: R Evolution, which might have been the first NXT show that stood out over everything the WWE’s main roster put together in the last year or two.

It was said then that there was some jealousy brewing with the main roster, and it has not simmered at all. After Rival, WWE’s main roster was said to be highly frustrated. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer updated everyone on the story and even referenced how things were back in the OVW days.

“So story is accurate but it’s inherent. It was the same thing in the OVW days, well not exactly the same, but similar. I get DMs from people on the main roster always after those specials. It’s a common frustration. The top NXT performers are frustrated they aren’t on the main roster making money. Then they will get more frustrated when they realize their dream. WWE guys are frustrated they aren’t having the matches guys in NXT are when they know if they can perform before 400 fans in longer matches they can tear the house down.”

Basically, Meltzer is saying that this is something all main roster talent feel when they are on the main roster versus the freedom and versatility of the developmental system. What he does fail to mention is the simple, unforgettable fact that both systems share.

OVW was run by Jim Cornette and then Paul Heyman. Triple H runs WWE NXT.

Sasha Banks

Vince McMahon runs all main roster shows barring live events. Case in point: Without Vince running shows, they are far freer, more easy going, and arguably better. Many think it is not so much creative on the main roster slowing things up, but rather an out-of-touch Vince McMahon. While Vince is the unquestioned “King of the Ring” when it comes to wrestling promotion, that was the past and today people ask for something totally different than what he is bringing to the table.

The sad part is that unlike before when they had to change due to another promotion in WCW challenging them, WWE has virtually no pro-wrestling company even close to challenging them today. WWE does not have to change. However, the talent is frustrated because they do care about their work and what they do.

The talent feels that they can put on just as good of a show as NXT if they had the same tools to work with. So there comes a time when one has to ask: If most feel this way, then why not bring it up as a group before McMahon and start a change? We’ve heard of backstage meetings with Triple H running them and even John Cena. However, how often do we hear of a time when talent is saying they are being considered second rate to their developmental system and want to change things?

The last time we heard anything from McMahon in regards to NXT, it was said that he didn’t care much about it and that he was downplaying it at every turn. He was even downplaying the talent there. Most feel this was him simply being out of touch or just a case of McMahon’s own jealousy showing.

Whether or not they do bring this up or not, NXT will remain the same. Triple H knows he has a goldmine down in Florida, and there is no reason to change anything at this point. However, Meltzer brings up an excellent point. Once the NXT guys currently make it to the main roster, they may be just as jealous or upset as the next flock of developmental talent. Then again, one does have to bring up the McMahon ideology. Is he holding his talent back or is he out of touch with what people want to see?

[IMG Credits: WWE.com]