Bruce Jenner Not Happy With His Daughters’ Big Mouths

Bruce Jenner is not happy with his daughters’ big mouths. In fact, Jenner says his family “leaks like a sieve,” and is especially annoyed with their inability to keep any information about his upcoming sex change to themselves.

According to sources close to Bruce, Jenner has been furious over some of the more recent leaks that have hit the media and appeared on the newsstands, and he has no problem blaming those leaks squarely on the big mouths of his daughters.

To be sure, it’s been difficult for Bruce to keep the news about his sex change under wraps with his family — and not just because they are his family. The filming of Season 10 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians made it especially difficult for Bruce to maintain his privacy. According to TMZ, Jenner found it hard to balance his need for discretion in regards to his sex change with the fact that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show could work wonders in fueling interest and creating buzz for his own docuseries, which will document his gender transition.

In short, Bruce is worried that his daughters will happily leak whatever he said on and off camera during the filming of the reality show — and it sounds like he has reason to worry. According to one source, Jenner reportedly tested his intuition about his daughters’ big mouths by willingly feeding them information.

That information immediately surfaced online.

It seems like family relationships between Bruce and stepdaughter Kim Kardashian are becoming strained even further, the New York Daily reports, because Kim K. is upset that Bruce is taking all the attention away from her.

Is there anything more Kardashian than that?

Apparently, Kim has only made it to the covers of popular celeb magazines that normally follow her every move 1.5 times (meaning she shared one cover with her sister) since the New Year. Bruce, on the other hand, has been on four In Touch covers, two Us Weekly covers, and a People cover.

“Bruce is getting the attention and the only time people show her is when she’s naked on magazine covers,” said a source, trying to explain why Kim is upset with Jenner.

The source offered up some of Kim’s latest behavior s proof.

“Look what she did earlier in the week in New York — it’s 20 degrees and she’s wearing a cleavage-baring tank top while everyone around here is in hats and gloves. She’s literally exposing herself while walking out of a hotel on purpose. But as a family they are well aware of the focus on Bruce.”

So, Bruce wants Kim and her sisters to shut up while Kim wants Bruce to back out of the spotlight. Sounds like family matters can get pretty complicated when you are a Kardashian.

Bruce Jenner is expected to reveal his plans to transition into a woman in an upcoming tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer. To see what names he is considering for use after his transition, click here.

[Image via TMZ]