Ashley Dupre fame whores fashion week

Not content with her first 15 minutes of fame as a high priced call girl, or even her second 15 minutes with a Dianne Sawyer interview, Ashley Dupre wants more, and is causing a stir at New York Fashion Week.

Dupre crashed designer Yigal Azrouel’s fashion show last Friday and sat in the front row, causing some patented fashion industry drama with Azrouel denying inviting her and firing his publicist for allowing her in the door to begin with.

But a little attention goes along way in the notoriously competitive fashion business, and the next events Dupre attended all came with VIP invitations; nothing like the hooker who brought down the Governor to attract some extra media attention.

It gets better…well, actually worse. Dupre announced that she’s launching a singing career, ans she has producer Peter Zizzo helping her. Zizzo has worked with Avril Lavigne and Celine Dion in the past.