Watch Justin Bieber’s Hilarious And Slightly Edgy Prank Call To A Fan On ‘Ellen’

It turns out Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres were totally serious about him coming on her show every week, or as much as possible.

The 20-year-old superstar can be seen prank calling a fan in a preview of his appearance on Monday’s edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Justin will also be on Friday’s edition to promote a sneak peek of his spot on Repeat After Me, the new prank series which Ellen is producing.

Well known for his love of a good prank — Ellen and Justin’s recent bathroom scare skit was genuinely side-splitting — the Canadian also appears to like combining accents with his comic capers.

After a brief preamble, the comedienne-host asked her guest about the prank about to go down.

With a kid-like smile, Justin replied, “I just love doing prank phone calls with my friends.”

He added, “Like probably [one of my] top five favorite things to do.”

The set-up was then revealed. Justin would prank call a Belieber currently studying at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMass). While holding prompt cards, he suggested to Ellen that he would tell the fan her grades were “not doing too well” since she was such a good student.

When Ellen asked him “Who you be?” in the call, the Biebs demonstrated how much work he puts into pranks in real life by showcasing two accents.

“I’ve got two voices,” Justin told her, then offered a choice. “I think I should either be ‘John’ with the deep voice [which he flexed briefly], or I could be ‘Peter’ [Brit but actually sounded Australian].”

Then, with the studio audience unanimously indicating “Peter” should take the wheel, Ellen called the fan.

“Hello, this is Peter from UMASS. Is this Miss Melanson?” Bieber began in his best Brit-Oz accent while sounding suitably serious.

Cue an affirmative from a sweet-sounding girl [Jackie] as Justin went in.

“I’m actually the head of the English department,” he continued. “It’s been brought to my attention that you have been missing some classes lately, is that true?”

After the fan denied missing classes, the singer said, “This isn’t funny to me, I don’t know why you’re laughing.”

A quick-thinking Justin then asked the girl if she went to college the day before. When she said no — as it had been a “snow day” — the singer seized his opening and told her it had been business as usual despite the bad weather.

A slightly awkward attempt to come off as a stern educator followed from the Biebs, while the girl said she would try and sort things out with her headmistress.

Meanwhile, Ellen mouthed to the singer to tell the girl “Stop yelling at me.” He did, which prompted more spluttering from Melanson. Justin then told her to “calm down.”

Before the whole thing got teary, the host asked the singer to pass the phone. After telling the girl it had all been a ruse by Bieber, Ellen then invited her to a show taping to meet her idol. So all’s well that ends well.

We don’t know if Bieber will be doing something along the same prank call lines on Repeat After Me, but it certainly shows how funny he can be.

Variety reports the first episode of the Wendi McLendon-Covey-hosted show premieres on February 17 on the ABC Television Network at 8:30 EST/PST.

It involves scenarios in which Wendi guides celebrity guests via a hidden earpiece, while they interact with ordinary folk filmed by a hidden camera.

The pilot will feature stars including Ellen Pompeo, Taye Diggs, Harry Connick Jr., Scott Foley, Sarah Hyland, and Randy Jackson. The next round will star Kristen Bell, the Biebs, Michael Bolton, Jeff Garlin, Lauren Graham, Chris Harrison, Jimmie Johnson, Olivia Munn, and Bellamy Young.

The concept was inspired by a segment on executive producer Ellen’s show. Repeat After Me is produced by Warner Horizon Television with A Very Good Production and executive produced by others from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

For a recap of Justin Bieber’s impressive comic chops, revisit his infamous bathroom skit with Ellen below.

[Images via The Ellen DeGeneres Show]