Oprah Winfrey Asks About Spiritual Practice In Executive Job Interviews

Oprah Winfrey knows what she looks for in an employee. As recent applicants for an executive position at OWN, Winfrey’s network, discovered, she wants people who share her ability to connect to themselves and stay grounded. Winfrey told an audience at the Stanford Graduate School of Business that she asked every candidate in a recent executive search to describe their spiritual practice.

Winfrey says the question rattled some people. She was clear she was not asking about religion. Instead, she was asking what techniques candidates used to keep themselves centered. She believes that her own ability to keep herself spiritually connected was the reason for the long-term success of The Oprah Winfrey Show, since people from all walks of life could relate to her. She said she was the same as the audience, even if sometimes her shoes were more expensive.

“Everybody wants to fulfill the highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being. And because I understand that, I understand that if you work in a bakery and that’s where you want to be, and that may be what you’ve always wanted to do… then that’s for you. And there’s no difference between you and me, except that’s your platform, that’s your show. So my understanding of that has allowed me to reach everyone.”

Part of Oprah Winfrey’s own practice is to keep the energy clear in her own home. As a result, she doesn’t keep the television on and has quiet in her house, according to a recent article in the Hamilton Spectator.

“I have to measure the energy that comes from my private space. I’m never in the house with noise — other than dogs yapping. I don’t leave the TV or radio on. I don’t have energy coming into my sphere that I’m not consciously inviting in.”

Winfrey further said she has a “sensitive spirit,” and absorbs the feelings of others. For that reason, she doesn’t watch the news before she goes to bed. She does write in her gratitude journal, which “cleans” her spirit.

Oprah was seen most recently on-screen with a small role in Selma, a film she also produced. Winfrey just announced she has tapped Selma director Ava DuVernay to create a new original series for OWN, which will start filming this year. Deadline reports DuVernay will write, direct, and executive produce the project based on Queen Sugar. Winfrey will also executive produce and have an on-screen role in the program.

[Oprah Winfrey image: Getty]