Jim Parsons On Sheldon And Amy’s ‘Honest’ Relationship On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

One year ago, Big Bang Theory fans were given an unexpected treat: Sheldon and Amy, also known as “Shamy,” shared their first kiss. The duo, portrayed by Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik, turned a brief spat during a Valentine’s Day date into their first physically intimate moment.

At the time, Big Bang Theory executive producer Steve Molaro told Entertainment Weekly the kiss was described in the script like this.

“Sheldon leans in and puts his lips on hers and after a few moments, it melts into a real kiss, the kind of kiss that mommies and daddies do.”

Since then, Sheldon and Amy have moved forward with their relationship. Earlier this season, Sheldon unexpectedly told Amy he loves her. In a new interview with TV Guide, Parsons says Shamy’s relationship will continue to progress.

“I do suspect that this is going to continue, and I think that there are two reasons that it will continue and will continue successfully. One of them is, they have based this relationship on a contract (laughs). It’s all laid out, ‘we will hold hands this many times a week’, ‘we will kiss this many times a week’, which is absurd but at its own level, is the most honest amount of communication I have seen from a couple on TV or film in many years.

“So the groundwork is there for this to work successfully. The second thing is what it allows us to do – this contract that makes it an odd machine slowly moving into hand holding and kissing and what’s next – is that it allows us to draw this out forever. They are infinitely quirky and interesting, those two together, so I am always shocked at what comes next. But it’s always fun to play.”

In September, Parsons’ Big Bang co-star, Mayim Bialik, praised the show’s development team for the way they have chosen to portray Sheldon and Amy. She told ET Online it brings diversity to the kinds of romantic relationships shown on television.

“I think taking it slow is something that is really really sweet, and I think the Amy and Sheldon relationship really proves that there is someone for everyone. There are really no rules for how quickly or reasonably a relationship should progress and I’d like to see more of that.

“I think it’s really great that we can break some of those boundaries of what people think relationships are supposed to be—especially on television. Name me another couple that has been this committed and intimate without having sex. I think it’s something that is really sweet.”

The Big Bang Theory airs a new episode on Thursday, February 19.

[Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons image: Getty]