Girl Has Maggots Removed From Her Gums, Footage Goes Viral

The young girl in this video desperately needed to see a dentist — especially since she had maggots apparently living in her gums.

As seen in the video, the girl appears to be sitting down while another woman with gloved hands uses dental tools to extract the maggots from her gums.

After the first couple of maggots are pulled out, the little girl must have thought that she was done. However, the footage continues for nearly three minutes as the woman continues to pull out maggot after maggot.

The video was originally posted on World Star Hip-Hop Saturday and did not take very long to go viral.

As of right now, the footage of the little girl with maggots being pulled from her gums has been watched over 320,000 times.

It has also caused quite a few people to respond and react on Twitter.

How the hell do you get maggots in your gums

— Odilon Slimane Brise (@LuxuryBully) February 14, 2015

The footage of a girl having maggots pulled from deep inside of her gums is very disturbing, but it also could raise awareness of the value of dental hygiene and regular examinations. What do you think about the footage?

[Image Credit: GB Times & World Star Uncut]