David Carr Autopsy: He Died From Lung Cancer, Heart Disease

David Carr, the popular and well-respected New York Times media columnist, died from metastatic lung cancer.

The New York Post reports that an autopsy conducted on David Carr’s body confirmed that his death was caused by complications from the terminal illness.

According to Julie Bolcer, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office in New York City, heart disease was reportedly another contributing factor in David Carr’s death.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, David Car collapsed at the New York Times newsroom on Thursday night.

The 58-year-old columnist was later pronounced dead. Carr was known for writing the Media Equation column for the New York Times. Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the newspaper, credited Carr as being “the finest media reporter of his generation.”

Yahoo! News reports that David Carr’s memoir about addiction has actually boosted in sales since his death, becoming one of the fastest-selling books sold by Amazon.

Before he died, The Night of the Gun: A Reporter Investigates the Darkest Story of His Life, His Own was listed at No. 53,570 on the website.

However, after Carr’s death, it reportedly skyrocketed to No. 26 and was even out of stock by Friday afternoon. Originally published in 2008, The Night of the Gun focuses on David Carr’s progressive transition from a cocaine addict to a single father of twin girls to a sober Times columnist.

Within the pages of his book, Carr recorded a substantial number of the interviews that he conducted through his research into his history of drug addiction and his transition into being a dad in suburban New Jersey with three daughters.

After being noted as “temporarily out of stock,” the New York Post reports that Carr’s memoir rose to No. 7 on the bestsellers list — placing it directly behind the Fifty Shades trilogy.

A spokesman for S&S stated that more copies were ordered on Friday in order to try and meet the rising demand for Carr’s memoir.

“We ordered 1o,000 more copies [Friday] morning. We are filling the pipeline as fast as we can.”

David Carr is survived by his three daughters — Meaghan, Erin and Maddie — along with his wife, Jill.

[Image Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]