‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Chris Soules Dreams Of ‘I Do’ Date As Jealous Carly Tattles On ‘Lying’ Britt [Video]

Just in time for the month of love, The Bachelor is heating up in the romance department. And while he won’t reveal all the secrets, Chris Soules is willing to share his feelings about his current romantic state as well as a sneak peek spoiler, reported E! News.

So has Chris chosen the perfect mate, and even planned an “I do” date? He’s cautious in responding.

“It does [make it tricky],” admitted Soules, “especially when we don’t see each other obviously that often… I’m kind of a little bit of a procrastinator so…”

Will Chris share any details on his choice? Only that he hasn’t yet achieved the phase that requires planning a wedding.

“Haven’t got to that step yet,” says the Bachelor.

When it comes to scheduling your viewing, you can mark down two nights for The Bachelor this week. Sunday will feature a “Chris Tell All” special with Kelsey, Chris Soules, and Andi Dorfman meeting with Chris Harrison.

A second episode will showcase more suspense, teased Harrison.

“You’ll see on Monday in the two hours, especially when [Chris] goes back to Iowa, he wants somebody and he is scared to death that this won’t work. That when these women see his barn and see where they’re going, they’re going to run. It scares the hell out of him. He truly knows that this is as good a chance as he’ll ever have.”

But before any showdowns at the barn corral, Britt and Carly get involved in a back-stabbing bicker fest, revealed Entertainment Tonight.

With only six women left, a visit to Soules’ little Iowa town proves to be the turning point for no-holds-barred confrontations. And for Carly, the anger that’s been building towards Britt hits the boiling point.

“If Chris ends up with Britt, she’s going to leave him,” says Carly on-camera. “He deserves to know that she doesn’t want to live there, and she’s freaking just lying to his face.”

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are familiar with the drama that can occur on that reality TV show. As the Inquisitr reported, for example, a recent episode featured Kourtney Kardshian screaming at Khloe and accusing her of risking Scott’s sobriety with drinking.

But when it comes to drama trauma, The Bachelor this season outshines the Kardashian family with its intense interactions.

“I’m really protective of you because I really like you and I really want you to end up with someone who wants your life,” Carly reveals to Chris. “So Britt walks up to me and Kaitlyn and she’s like, ‘Oh my god I could never live here!'”

It’s a bomb that Chris makes it clear he never expected.

“That was kind of a bomb that Carly just dropped,” Chris comments on-camera. “If [Britt’s] lying I would be absolutely crushed.”

[Photo By Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]