Teacher Suspended After Bullying Special Needs Student Stephen Davis, Video Posted To YouTube

A Streamwood High School teacher is in hot water today after a special needs student captured the teacher bullying him in front of other students. The Daily Mail is reporting today that 15-year old Stephen Davis was left humiliated and almost reduced to tears when his high school math teacher drew a crude cartoon image of him with buckteeth and bloodshot eyes. But there is more. The picture, which was drawn by the teacher in front of the entire class, had the words “Stephen’s ugly a$$.”

The bullied boy’s sister was appalled by the teacher’s actions and decided to post a message to a Facebook page to garner awareness of what this despicable teacher did. Here is her message, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“My brother came home from school today to show my family this video of not only a student in his class, but THE TEACHER taking time out of the period to make fun of him. This is the video of the class that he has taken with his phone. This video shows that the teacher took time to write the words ‘Stephen’s ugly a$$’ on the board for all the students in the class to see. In U-46, they say that they have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for things like this. How can he call himself a teacher?! He is supposed to set the example. The student who started this should have been reprimanded when he started writing this on the board; actions should be taken immediately. I can not believe that something like this could be allowed to take place in a Streamwood High School classroom. This is wrong on so many levels. Please share this, He should not be allowed around children anymore.”

Upon hearing it, most would ignore this story — never believing that a teacher was capable of such a terrible act. But Stephen was a lot smarter than his teacher. He actually recorded the entire event with his cell phone and posted it to YouTube. The shocking video entitled “Teacher Mentally Abuses Student” is a must see. And it must be shared.

Teachers are supposed to be encouraging to their students. But as time passes, the school systems around the country are becoming much worse. Today, it is common to read about teachers being arrested for the most heinous acts, including sexual molestation of students, bullying, and name calling. Anyone would agree that this sort of behavior, especially toward a special needs student, shouldn’t be tolerated. Just yesterday, the Inquisitr reported on the case of a teacher who was charged for planning Valentine’s Day sex with a student.

The Streamwood High School teacher’s name has not been made public though everyone in that community knows the teacher’s identity. It is not clear if the teacher is a substitute teacher or a staff teacher. But according to the district, the teacher is currently under suspension.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]