Thor, The Pit Bull, Foils Gas Station Robbery [Video]

A pit bull-boxer mix named Thor thwarted an armed robbery at a Maine gas station.

In the incident, a man entered the gas station and pulled a gun on cashier Justin Ireland, who was working the afternoon and evening shift at Holly’s Gas Station in Saco.

The suspect initially asked Ireland if he could use the phone. Ireland said no because he never lets anyone into the building presumably for security reasons. The suspect then produced a weapon and a plastic shopping bag and demanded money.

That’s when Justin’s faithful companion instinctively sprung into action to protect his owner. Fortunately, Ireland usually brings the dog to work with him.

“Ireland at first was holding an exuberant Thor back by his harness, but released him after he was shoved. At that point, Thor, who had been wagging his tail enthusiastically at having a visitor, apparently discerned the robber was a threat and lunged for him,” the Portland Press Herald reported.

According to a local police official, the surveillance video (see embed below) appears to show Thor, the heroic pit bull, nipping at the gunman’s hand and then biting him on both sides of the face. The suspect fled the scene immediately in a Chevrolet Silverado and is still at large.

Ireland indicated that Thor, age three, has no training as an attack dog and never reacted like that previously.

“As soon as [the suspect] pushed me, that’s when Thor jumped up at him,” the employee noted. Ireland “always wondered what Thor would do in the event of a robbery here at the gas station. Now he knows. ‘The boss likes him just because he looks like good security. And now I know he actually is,'” CBS affiliate WGME explained.

In addition to releasing the security footage, cops have also released a sketch of the suspect in the attempted gas station robbery in hopes of identifying the alleged perpetrator.

Pit bulls have a reputation, whether deserved or undeserved, as being overly aggressive if not dangerous.

“For his part, Thor immediately resumed wagging his tail after the brief encounter,” the Press Herald added.

Earlier this month, the Inquisitr reported on a pit bull named Mamma, described as normally very sweet and playful, who saved an Ohio family from a would-be burglar.

Does the bravery of Thor the pit bull or other stories of this nature change your opinion, if you had one, about the breed?

[image via YouTube]