WWE News: WWE Posts Photo On Instagram Of CM Punk Returning To WWE, Quickly Deletes It

Don’t let the headline fool you — it actually happened. CM Punk quit the WWE over a year ago after frustration that built for years finally caught up with him. The Chicago native was sick and tired of the grueling hours, lack of a WrestleMania main event match, and the overall atmosphere of professional wrestling. CM Punk lost his love for pro wrestling, and for WWE.

Several months later, Punk decided to sign with the UFC in a multi-fight deal that will see Punk in the octagon for the first time. Punk has expressed numerous times that he absolutely loves MMA and considers wrestling an afterthought. Knowing that, the WWE wouldn’t even try to get Punk to return.

Then, a very intriguing event took place this afternoon. According to the 434, a pro-wrestling Facebook page, the Official WWE Instagram account posted this picture a little under an hour ago.

CM Punk WWE Instagram

For those who are skeptical of the photo, here’s what the 434 posted on Facebook, just minutes after discovering this image.

“Apparently, WWE’s official Instagram posted this for roughly 7 minutes before deleting it. Many managed to grab screenshots.”

That post was exactly 34 minutes ago. I also managed to grab a screenshot of the Instagram post, which still has the WWE Universe in shock. It’s not the fact that WWE posted something controversial, but the shocking part lies within what was posted with the picture. First, any WWE social media account is “barred” from posting anything about CM Punk. The last time they did was for his official firing.

Second, other than Triple H on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, nobody has mentioned CM Punk since the UFC signing in the fall. It’s not like Punk’s name is written off the history books like Chris Benoit, but Punk isn’t a popular name in WWE at the moment. The odd part is that Triple H didn’t rule out a future partnership between WWE and CM Punk, which many find to be a false claim.

Why would someone on the WWE social media staff post this? CM Punk would never quit the UFC, especially after the hard work he has put in. Punk quit the WWE after 15 years of pro wrestling. The toll that takes on a body is astronomical. Punk found another passion in mixed martial arts. He is pursuing that like a dream, just like he did with the WWE over 10 years ago.

Whoever posted the image of CM Punk, along with the comment about his UFC departure, will most likely get punished. Just to reiterate, CM Punk did not quit the UFC, and he isn’t even thinking about the WWE at this time.

[Image via wrestlenewz.com]