Sh*t New Yorkers Say Goes Viral, Makes Us Giggle

James Johnson

Whether you're from New York City or you can't stand people from the Big Apple a new video inspired by the YouTube hit Shit Girls Say has jumped on the web titled Shit New Yorkers Say and it's pretty much dead on for every New York City loving resident we've ever spoken to.

The 2:42 piece was written by Eliot Glazer and starts Eliot and Ilana Glazer.

In the video Eliot and Ilana walk around New York City spouting off some of the most routine and annoying things people say in the city such as:

"It's a 'law' that taxis must go to Brooklyn" and they get excited when a local news anchor walks by but then exclaim they are proud not to own a TV.
"You read the Post? Like not ironicall?"

[iframe src="" width="640" height="360"]

I love donuts! Are you from New York City? Are there any overused sayings/cliches they left off this list that you care to share?