Teresa Giudice Valentine’s Day: Vending Machine Snacks And Kisses?

Reality star Teresa Giudice is spending her first Valentine’s Day behind bars on Saturday. Therefore, the plans that she and Joe Giudice have likely become used to over the years had to drastically change.

According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star will be able to see her husband if he comes to visit. However, the couple will not be able to enjoy many of the same perks that others are likely enjoying outside of those prison walls.

Beatrice Codianni, a former inmate of the same prison in Danbury, Connecticut, opened up to Radar recently about what Teresa Giudice is allowed to do as well as what she is not.

One of the biggest points that she discussed was the amount of physical contact (or lack thereof) that the two spouses will be able to show one another during Joe’s visit.

“Teresa will get no special privileges for [the] lovers holiday. [Joe] can kiss her when he arrives and kiss her when he leaves, but there is absolutely no hugging or kissing while he is visiting her.”

In addition to essentially being able to only kiss her husband to say “Hello” and “Goodbye,” Teresa Giudice should not be expecting any of the delicious treats, floral arrangements, or fancy dinners that Valentine’s Day has become known for over the years.

“Joe will not be able to bring Teresa flowers or chocolates. Instead of dinner at a crowded, fancy restaurant, if Teresa is fortunate enough to get a visit she and Joe may share items like cupcakes, candy bars and soda from the vending machine.”

Clearly, Teresa had to add her usual Valentine’s Day plans and presents to the list of things that she gave up when she started her lengthy prison sentence last month. However, Cordianni states that she will still be able to enjoy the most important part of the day — being with the one that you love.

“When you are in prison, it is not about the presents or bonbons. It is about seeing a loved one. Knowing that Joe came to see her will make her day very special.”

Joe would also be able to make the day even more special by bringing the couple’s four daughters along with him. While it won’t be as romantic as either of them might like, at least Teresa and Joe will be able to spend the day together to some extent as a family.

In her interview with Radar, Cordianni expressed her hope for Joe and Teresa Giudice to be able to tune out everyone around them — including the guards and other visitors — in order to concentrate on cherishing one another and the time that they spend together.

[Image Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images]