Valentine's Day Cheating Is On The Rise

Valentine's Day cheating is on the rise. A study performed by Pew Research Center's Internet Project says in the last few years, people use the internet to search for potential partners, flirt, check out old lovers, and date online.

Valentine's Day is one of the best days to find whether a partner or spouse is cheating in a relationship.

Recent studies have found that Twitter and Facebook usage have had a substantial impact on the climb in the number of divorces for American couples. In 2014, researchers published a study in Computers in Human Behavior pointing out a strong correlation between using social network sites, troubled relationship experiences, and thoughts of divorce.

The Pew study found American adults used mobile dating apps and online dating sites to look for a potential partner. In addition, the study found 24 percent of internet users have searched for information online about someone they dated in the past and close to 25 percent of internet users have flirted with someone online.

Online dating has given rise to popular sites such as and However, online affairs have given rise to sites like, an online community that openly targets individuals in marriages and committed relationships that are searching for ways to cheat and start affairs.

Additionally, according to their paid Google advertising, online research services like offer claims to help catch your spouse in the act of cheating.

Cheating men and women become exposed on Valentine's Day and the days following because a significant number of cheating men purchase flowers for women they are seeing on the side. Valentine's Day is the single busiest time of the year for florists. The National Retail Federation estimates $2.1 billion will be spent on Valentine's Day flowers.

Cheating men are also caught in the act due to getting their love notes mixed up. Sometimes either the florist or the cheating man attaches the wrong love note on the bouquet of flowers. On some occasions, Valentine's Day flowers being sent by their affair partner expose cheating women, as well.

Credit card bills and florist receipts for Valentine's Day gifts expose infidelity. A girlfriend or wife may find a credit card or floral receipt that shows more than one bouquet of flowers was purchased by their cheating partner. Additionally, a mistress' name, phone number, and home or work address may be found on a Valentine's Day floral or credit card receipt.

Cheating boyfriends or husbands usually celebrate Valentine's Day with their wives or main girlfriend. However, these unfaithful males usually spend the day before Valentine's Day with their mistress. The behavior is so common it's no longer a secret. February 13 is sometimes referred to as Mistress Day.

In order to give or receive the traditional Valentine's Day gifts, male and female cheating Valentines are more likely to get together with each other on Mistress Day. For this reasons, Mistress Day is the perfect time to catch a cheating mate.

Bank statements, mail, phone messages, emails, credit card, and floral receipts offer clues to whether your love is true to you on Valentine's Day and other days throughout the year.