Google Launches New Sign Up Form, Better Optimized For Google Plus

Google has released a new version of their sign up form which, while much more visually entertaining to look at, also looks to do away with anonymous accounts. The first two fields ask for your full name and gender, something that is required when signing up for their social network.

The company has had the same sign up page for a long time now so it’s good to see them roll out something new. One of the big focuses is getting more people to use Google Plus and being that they announced 90 Million users yesterday, they’re doing pretty good thus far.

When new users sign up for an account, they’ll get both a profile page as well as Gmail account, something that previously was just an email account. Again, to get people using the fast growing social network.

Via Wired:

“The revamped Google account creation page adds some additional fields to the sign up form, including name and gender which are both necessary for creating a Google+ account. There’s also a new agreement — turned on by default — granting Google permission to “use my account information to personalize +1s on content and ads on non-Google websites.”

It’s no surprise that the company makes money, the mass majority of it’s money actually, from advertising. Although some people might not like that new option, they always have the ability to uncheck it. Better to let users know and have them be aware, than to say nothing at all.

How many Google products would you say you use?