Wife Discovers Cheating Husband’s Affair, Secret Life Via Facebook — The Photos She Saw May Shock You [Photos]

One woman’s seemingly normal life was flipped upside down when she made a shocking discovery while browsing on Facebook. She not only learned of his ongoing affair with another woman, but she also discovered something else — he’d recently gotten married.

The way she found the pictures is also quite astonishing because she actually didn’t have to look hard. He actually posted pictures of his other wedding on Facebook, reports the New York Daily News.

According to the Mirror, Liz and Adrian Linham had been married for seven years, and she was under the impression that everything was fine in their world. They didn’t have marital issues, so it seemed their life was quite peaceful and pleasant.

However, he had been living a double life for more than three of the seven years they’d been married. When he told her he’d be going out of town to work for weeks at a time, he was actually only going 16 miles away from their home to live with his mistress, Hayley. He’d reportedly been dating Hayley for years before he decided to tie the knot a second time. The Facebook pictures Liz discovered were actually from his second wedding ceremony, where he married Hayley on the same island where he honeymooned with her. However, that’s not all the pictures revealed.

Apparently, his best friend and best man in his first wedding also attended the unconventional ceremony and served as best man once again. Based on the pictures, it was quite obvious most of the woman’s family and friends in attendance were unaware that Adrian was already married. Needless to say, Liz was devastated and heartbroken. The disheartening news came as quite a surprise because it seemed their marriage was fine.

During a recent interview, she shared details about her husband’s deceit and how she confronted him. She also shared how his betrayal has altered her life.

“It was such a huge shock to me,” Liz Linham told Mirror. “I went on to Facebook and found the pictures pretty much straight away. I called him to confront him, but he yet again denied it. I just went into meltdown. It has completely altered the way I look at everyone. I look at people now, who I have known and trusted for years, and think, ‘Can I really trust you?’ I don’t think I can ever love again.”

How would you handle the situation if you married an “Adrian”? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook]