‘Walking Dead’ Actor Norman Reedus Breaks Jimmy Fallon’s Face [Video]

If Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead had been on Friday night’s edition of The Tonight Show, the game would have been over a lot sooner, but Norman Reedus still managed to beat Jimmy Fallon at a game of “Facebreakers,” where the pair had to break glass images of each others’ faces with crossbows.

Reedus was on the show talking about the huge success of his show, The Walking Dead, when Fallon challenged him to the Facebreakers game. The pair squared off in front of a wall of square glass plates alternating images of Norman and Jimmy. They each had a rack of toy crossbows loaded up and ready to go.

At first, Reedus and Fallon took turns shooting, each succeeding in breaking one panel each round. Then Fallon and Reedus both missed before going to the “speed round,” where each shot their bows as quickly as possible. Norman was the first to break all of Jimmy’s faces, although Fallon did accidentally shoot out one of his own.

Then Fallon had to pay the price for losing: going into a reverse dunk tank while Reedus took a couple of more shots. See the video for the result.

While on the show Friday night, Norman Reedus also talked about a recent appearance on a Japanese talk show, where he was invited to make sushi, do calligraphy, or shoot a Japanese longbow. Is there really any suspense on which one he chose?

Reedus told Jimmy how right before he released the arrow, the instructor had said, “There is no way he will hit the target from here.”

It wasn’t a bullseye, but Reedus proved his expertise with the bow isn’t all acting, hitting the target and impressing his Japanese audience.

Fallon told the Walking Dead star he didn’t believe him, but Reedus had a video clip to share, proving his story is real. That’s what you get for doubting Daryl Dixon, Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon also brought up the ongoing fan debate on whether Daryl and Carol should get together on the show, and the two talked about how Norman’s mother loves Carol. Jimmy shared a text screen of Mrs. Reedus talking about how pretty Carol is with her son, but Norman wouldn’t confirm or deny a future Carol hookup on The Walking Dead, even if many fans want to see it. As Reedus pointed out, depending on what fan you asked, you’d find people who wanted to see him with Beth or Michonne, as well. Or Rick or Glenn for that matter, and so on…

Catch Norman Reedus shooting more bows on The Walking Dead, Sunday nights on AMC.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]