Uncovered John Lennon Divorce Papers Shows The Ugly Side Of The Deceased Rock Star

A five-page document uncovering the end of John Lennon’s first marriage is set to reveal how unbearable the former Beatle was to his first wife, Cynthia, and his first son, Julian. The popular peace activist went on to inspire others, but during the breakdown of his marriage to Cynthia, he had become reclusive to both his wife and son.

The document is set to go up for auction next month. The document is centered around claims made by the Lennon’s housekeeper at the time, Dorothy Jarlett, who claimed that John Lennon had become aggressive to both his wife and son due to spiraling down into drug addiction.

Jarlett described how her duties at the residency had led her to see John Lennon at his most intimate.

“My duties were generally looking after the house and taking care of Julian when Mr and Mrs Lennon were away.My work did not involve sleeping in the house except for periods of time when Mr Lennon and Mrs Lennon were away and then only to look after Julian and the house.”

There were often arguments between John and Cynthia of his strict nature with Julian.

“When Mr Lennon was at home there were often rows during meals when John seemed to be too severe with Julian and criticised the way he behaved at table.Julian, who was a very sensitive child at the time would become upset and Mrs Lennon would argue with Mr Lennon about this. As a result there would be an argument about the way Julian was being brought up.”

She went on to explain that John Lennon did not seem to take much interest in his son Julian, who was named after his late grandmother, Julia, due to being “preoccupied with other matters.”

“I do not think that Mr Lennon showed the usual interest the father showed in the household. He was certainly not bad with Julian, but he appeared to be preoccupied with other matters. From about a year ago Mr Lennon did not seem as keen as before to take Mrs Lennon out with him to various functions, studio recordings etc., to which he had previously taken Mrs Lennon.”

Karen Fairweather, manager of Omega Auctions, said, “This sensational document has never been seen before – it was found among the possessions of Dot Jarlett, the Lennons’ long-serving housekeeper, following her death last year.”

John Lennon famously had an affair with Yoko Ono while married with Cynthia. Jarlett saw the beginning of the affair.

Describing what she had seen of Yoko Ono, Mrs Jarlett wrote, “Before Mrs Lennon went to Greece, I had seen Yoko Ono at the house twice.”

“I had brought tea and coffee into the room and John and Yoko had always been chatting together. I had no reason to suspect any illicit associations. It appeared to me that she was rather more a friend of John; she always spoke to John and I never saw her talking to Mrs Lennon.”

With the latest revelation in the rock star’s life, many more may be revealed with the document set to go on auction next month. It is also very likely that John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, may very well snap it up to cease further snooping.

[Image via darkbrownhairs.org]