Miss Piggy Judges ‘Project Runway’ Dresses [Video]

Miranda Kerr move over, there’s a new snout on the runway. Last night on “Project Runway” the designers were given the task, nay, the privilege, nay, the honor, to dress the one and only Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy has been promoting her latest feature film, The Muppets, and stopped by “Project Runway” to see if the designers could create a new dress for her. Of course, The Muppets has been out for a few months now so it looks like Miss Piggy probably won’t be wearing the dress to any premiers. Still, the designers were pretty excited about the new challenge. Austin Scarlett said:

“In many ways, we are kindred spirits. I myself like to pepper my conversation with French phrases, I like to refer to myself as ‘moi!'”

Michael Costello said:

“I’m so excited to meet her. She’s like fashion’s dream client!”

But not everyone was happy about the new project. Anthony Williams said: “

“It was a hard time trying to find a dress that would look good on a human, and seeing how it looks, on this, muppet.”

miss piggy

The designers were able to create their dresses with model size models. The dresses would later be modified to fit Miss Piggy.

In the end, Miss Piggy chose Michael as the winnner. Miss Piggy said:

“The winning designer is someone who made a fabulous dress for a fabulous model, and that someone is…wait for it…that someone is Michael!”

Here’s a clip from Miss Piggy on “Project Runway” complete with plenty of pig puns.

Do you watch “Project Runway?” What do you think about the Miss Piggy challenge?