Does ‘Scandal’ Slavery Storyline Go Too Far? Shonda Rhimes Responds To Fans On Twitter

Whether the Scandal slavery storyline goes too far is debatable. Fans have tweeted their dismay because the fictional Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) was sold by kidnapper Gus for $1 billion.

In the “Where’s the Black Lady?” episode, Olivia takes control of the situation and puts her own spin on it, detailing the reasons she should be sold. Her kidnapper bites at the bait and suggests a mere $5 million, but Pope, despite her captive status, says she could easily fetch $1 billion.

This set Twitter abuzz.

Another tweeter couldn’t understand why the Scandal slavery storyline exists.

Still another disappointed fan tweeted.

In the last Scandal episode, “Gladiators Don’t Run,” Olivia loses control over the situation when Ian is killed. She’s then sold for over $1 billion to the highest bidder.

Putting slavery aside, Scandal’s plot has veered in a different direction since Olivia was kidnapped from her apartment, an attempt to make President “Fitz” Grant (Tony Goldwyn) declare a war.

Fans who root for the gladiators want to see Olivia at the top of her game, fixing Washington scandals and masterminding do-overs for the fallen from public grace crowd — not negotiating on how to stay alive by selling herself.

Then there are those personal issues the do-over genius must solve. But the tweets that disagree with the slavery storyline allude to Black History month and the enslavement of Africans. However, slavery still exists in a black market in the United States and in many countries.

It’s known as “human trafficking” or “sex trafficking,” and unlike the fictional Olivia, the victims don’t negotiate the bidding price.

Rhimes responded via Twitter.

It also appears that the slavery storyline must be going somewhere — other than left field. In other words, a broader theme will be explored through Olivia’s misfortune.

Not all fans agree that the slavery storyline is offensive and some are taking a wait and see approach. They figure their fearless leader Shonda, writer and gladiator creator, has awesome plans for Olivia.

[Photo by Nicole Wilder/Getty Images]