Singles Rejoice On Valentine’s Day: Here’s How To Make The Most Of It

Valentine’s Day began as a “bizarre fertility ceremony” of the Romans. It’s evolved from ritualistic animal sacrifice into a celebration of romantic love. If you are cynical, it’s about the commercialization of that love and the pressure and guilt that come with social expectations, whether you’re in a relationship or forging through life as a single person.

While those who are paired off might seem to have a lock on the good aspects of this day, singles have much to gain from Valentine’s Day. The two-for-one pizza deals are only the start of it.

Singles can rejoice in the fact that they might not even care about Valentine’s Day. Far from the image of the pathetic, lonely person feeling left out of the gushy exchanges of chocolates and flowers, many singles are perfectly content on their own.

Single filmmaker Nev Schulman is among them. He has a problem with the day’s romantic reputation.

“[T]here’s nothing less romantic than a day designated for being romantic. It doesn’t take a genius to make a dinner reservation or buy flowers and chocolates for their special someone.”

Schulman recommends buying your mom flowers on Valentine’s Day because “she is the best woman you’ll ever meet.”

Single blogger Jessica Morris makes a strong plea for those in relationships to stop showing her pity.

“Don’t feel sorry for me as I go and see a chick flick with my girlfriends, hang out with my married friends, or go about my life as normal. I’m actually OK with being single, because I know that my self-worth isn’t defined by a Valentine’s Day card.”

An article on Buzzfeed did a clever round-up of the ways singles get the best out of Valentine’s Day. They get to spend the day with their dog or cat. They can plan an early trip to the stores the day after Valentine’s Day to buy the discounted chocolate. They can have solo dance parties, take creative selfies, and spend the night gaming or watching movies.

Those two-for-one food deals? Who says they have to be split between two people? Keeping the carbs to yourself is one of the perks of being single.

The Wrap gave its television and movie picks for a night in, either solo or with single friends. There’s a Big Bang Theory marathon, monster flicks, cooking shows, and a special on “animals in love,” for those who still want to keep some romance in their Valentine’s Day.

The “Galentine’s Day” is another option provided by Glamour — hanging out with girlfriends. The magazine also suggests a slightly different take on the movies: a “hate-watching party.”

“Invite said girlfriends over to knock back some wine, watch tons of sappy movies, throw popcorn at the TV, and yell that each one is a lie. If Elle Woods did it, you can too.”

Just don’t forget about the discounted chocolates.

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