Jesse Jackson Says Punishing Cheating Black Little League Team Is Racist

Among the Black American community, Jesse Jackson is recognized as an important figurehead who defends their rights.

The Inquisitr previously reported on such news that shows Jackson in such a light, specifically in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. As a matter of fact, Jackson has either made decrees or rationalizations when those accused of killing Trayvon and Michael’s, respectively, were acquitted.

Now news outlets are reporting that Jesse Jackson is defending a little league team — consisting of black children — and declaring racism after they were stripped of their national title. The reason the team are no longer champions is because they were cheating.

According to articles by local news outlets CBS Chicago and ABC 7 Chicago, there are now accusations of racism behind Little League International’s decision to strip the Jackie Robinson West (JRW) team of the national title. Brandon Green, a JRW catcher, made a statement pertaining to the situation during a news conference at the headquarters of Rainbow Push on Wednesday.

“We know that we’re champions, our parents know that we’re champions and the team’s parents know we’re champions and Chicago knows we’re champions.”

Venisa Green (Brandon Green’s mother), Michael Pfleger (Activist Roman Catholic priest in Chicago), and Jesse Jackson backed up Brandon with statements of their own. As a whole, they claim Little League officials were bullied into stripping away the JRW’s championship. They also believe the motivation for such a decision is strictly based on racism.

Jesse Jackson and Brandon Green at the press conference held at Rainbow Push Headquarters on Wednesday.

However, such punishment is reportedly fair, according to America’s Freedom Fighters. According to their report, the JRW specifically violated residency when they used players from outside their represented area to build an all-star team. This is a clear violation of the rules that everyone else had to follow. They even report that if any other teams were caught cheating, they would be punished. Championship teams are no exception, as history shows those who cheated had their titles stripped, despite the race of their players.

The situation seems to be centered on the fact that the JRW consists of the players who didn’t know they were cheating. Ergo, there are calls that the team shouldn’t be punished. Even those in attendance at Rainbow Push Headquarters said there were other options. As it stands, the JRW are no longer champions. That may or may not change as the situation is investigated further.

Now that you’ve read the news about the JRW having their title stripped after they were caught cheating, what are your views? Do you take the side of Jesse Jackson and see it as racist, or do you see it as fair since cheating teams in the past were treated the same way?

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