Double Valentine's Day As Identical Twin Sisters Marry Same Man

Identical twins Owami and Olwethu Mzazi from Vosloorus in South Africa have always shared everything, but now they've taken this one step further by both marrying the same man. Now, of course, they will also be sharing Valentine's Day.

Everyone knows it is good for children to learn to share. Since they were born, the Mzazi sisters have done everything and shared everything together. Growing up in Vosloorus in a modest home, the girls played, went to school, did the housework, and even bathed together. They were brought up by their grandmother, who always taught them the right values.

They told Drum Magazine that they always knew they would marry the same man. Owami explained how they had done everything together.

"We have always done everything together, that is how our grandmother raised us."
Because of this, they decided that even a man couldn't separate them, and now it seems their dreams have come true. What better news to share on that most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day?

According to the African Spotlight, 26-year-old Owami and Olwethu are now married to the same husband, 51-year-old Mzukiseni Mzazi, and apparently, all three parties in the marriage couldn't be happier.

Possibly Mzazi is trying to keep up with South Africa President Jacob Zuma, who currently has six wives and an estimated 20 children. In and around 2009 and 2010, Zuma even received a state-paid budget of $1,848,000 for "spousal support," which was much higher than that received by previous South African presidents. Six wives also means six Valentine's Day presents, so hopefully, the South African government isn't coughing up for that too.

Polygamy (meaning the "state of marriage to many spouses") is legal and practiced in several countries in the world. While polygamy is not legal in South Africa, strictly speaking, there is a customary law in the country allowing for this. The practice is covered by several benefits, including things like inheritance rights and child custody.

The topic of polygamy has been a serious political issue in recent years in the country, especially with the 2009 elections, when Zuma became president. Among the many cultures in the country, the practice is used by many of the Bantu people as well as some of the Muslim citizens, including Cape Malays, Cape Coloureds, and Indian South Africans.

What do you think readers? Ladies, would you be happy to share your man with your sister? Gentlemen, could you handle two identical wives, especially on Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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