Pregnant Nun Had No Idea She Was Expecting, Reports Claim

A pregnant nun in Italy reportedly had no idea that she was expecting a baby. The woman, an unnamed 31-year-old at the all-female convent in Macerata, arrived from South America already expecting, reports.

However, she did not know the stomach aches she began experiencing were related to another life form growing inside of her until doctors performed an ultrasound. It was at this point that they found her to be “heavily pregnant,” the news site notes.

Little details are known regarding who the father is or how long the woman was a nun prior to breaking her vow of celibacy, but it is known that the church will not be pursuing discipline. The Archbishop of Camerino-San Severino said it would be up to the sister if she wanted to stay within the Church. The nuns said they wished to help raise the baby together at the convent.

While this seems very accepting considering the perceived sin that the pregnant nun committed, the Archbishop does not agree with the few calls he’s heard for excommunication.

“Excommunication is something really big and cannot be issued for having a baby,” he said.

This happening to a sister of the Roman Catholic faith is unusual, but surprisingly, pregnancies where the mothers are unaware until the 11th hour are not.

Just this week, a woman in Saginaw, Michigan, claims that she went into labor without knowing she was pregnant. Mandy Arnold went to the McLaren Regional Medical Center’s emergency room aware that something was wrong (or right perhaps). When doctors began to examine her, they discovered she was in labor with her fourth child.

How could a woman possibly miss something like this, especially one who’s given birth three other times? WNEM explains.

“After doing the math, Mandy got pregnant just weeks after little Maddox [her 11-month-old] was born… But a pregnancy test at her postpartum visit came up negative. Her period eventually returned and she says unlike her other pregnancies, there were no tell tale signs and she only gained three pounds!”

According to Dr. Veerayyagari Annapurna, she had never seen anything like it but admitted that it could happen.

“It’s not very common but it’s not rare either,” she said, adding that “because pregnancy hormones subside as the months go on, most pregnant women will test negative in their later months. Just something to keep in mind.”

Arnold and her husband named child number four Maverick.

What’s more bizarre to you, readers? Arnold’s case or the pregnant nun?

[Photo by Mario Tama / Staff / Getty Images]