Florida Couple Fall Asleep In Garbage Dumpster Then Wake Up In Garbage Truck

Florida is considered a state in a league of its own, specifically when it comes to being weird (and with most fiction authors, insane). The Inquisitr reported numerous times that pertain to just how out there the Sunshine State is.

For example, Disney World in Orlando is considered a family-safe environment for tourism. Ironically, most theme park accidents happen in the “Happiest Place on Earth.” For example, tourists have died riding the safest ride Disney has, “It’s A Small World.” Ironically, Florida isn’t just the number one family vacation location in the country, it also happens to be home to the Strip Club Capital of the U.S., Tampa. Maybe that’s why the Republican Party holds their convention there, in which the industry responds by catering to their attendees, even at their convention.

Summarized, Tim Dorsey, the author of best-selling novel Florida Roadkill, probably said it best when he wrote the following about Floridians in his selected essays novel, Squall Lines.

“Yes, give us books about the psychotic behavior and peripheral weirdness we see all around every day — and we will laugh in its face. We are a proud people. We are Floridians.”

Now, there was recent news that can be categorized as part of “Weird Florida” too. A couple fell asleep in a garbage dumpster for the night, but when they woke up they were in for a surprise. They were no longer in the dumpster, but in a garbage truck.

Lisa Spirella

According to CBSNews and followed-up by Huffington Post, 37-year-old Donald L. Jordan and 49-year-old Lisa Spirella had to be rescued from within a garbage truck early Wednesday morning. From what is reported, Donald and Lisa decided to sleep in a garbage dumpster located outside a convenience store. When morning came around, the dumpster was emptied into the back of a garbage truck. The garbage men knew they had people in the back after both Donald and Lisa started screaming and banging on the sides of the truck. Rescue crews were called in just after 5 a.m. Once Donald and Lisa were removed, they were taken to Tampa General Hospital after complaining about back pain.

Originally, Tampa deputies believed Donald L. Jordan and Lisa Spirella were homeless, but that is not the case. Apparently, the two were highly intoxicated after hanging out at a nearby casino. It is assumed that poor judgment due to said intoxication is why the couple slept in the dumpster in the first place. On the other hand, they might have known they were too much of a danger in their intoxicated state, opting the dumpster as a safe haven until morning.

Now that you’ve read the weird news about a couple who slept in a dumpster for the night just to wake up in a garbage truck the next morning, what are your views? Do you think the couple sleeping in the dumpster was affected judgment from intoxication or a supposed wise move because they knew they were too intoxicated?

[Featured Image via Waste Management, Post Image via Osceola Sheriff’s Department]