Chris Martin Pledges 15 Years To Global Citizen To Boost Organization

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin plans to use his Rolodex of the influential — and perhaps his talents — to curate festivals around the world on behalf of the Global Citizen nonprofit, which seeks to eradicate instances of extreme poverty around the world by the year 2030.

He’s given the nonprofit a 15-year commitment to get the work done, a timeline which the Sun Chronicle notes coincides with the United Nation’s soon-to-be unveiled Sustainable Development Goals designed to fight poverty and injustice, and protect the environment.

Mr. Martin told journalists in Tribeca on Friday that it “if the United Nations is signing up for something for 15 years then we should too.”

“I always felt that as musicians we show up for a day. and we really believe what we are talking about but then the next day we have our own concerns as do all of you (…) So it just felt like if the United Nations is signing up for something for 15 years then we should too.”

Global Citizen has held an annual concert in New York City’s Central Park since 2012. The lineups have featured such artists as Jay Z and Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, the Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, and Alicia Keys. The festival is held in September.

The nonprofit’s plans are to have festivals all around the world.

When asked whether the festivals would be Coldplay events, he joked that he didn’t want to “upset everyone in the world,” but added that “sometimes our group will play if nobody else says yes but” his hope is that they won’t have to play at all.

“No, God no – I don’t want to upset everyone in the world (…) I mean, sometimes our group will play if nobody else says yes but my hope is that we don’t have to play at all,” he said. “My strength is just call on my friends and to ahead of time work out who is going to get the most people listening in Ethiopia, or which German pop star will sound most convincing talking about poverty.”

The lead singer of Coldplay’s decision to sign on as the ambassador for the anti-poverty group comes with the responsibility of serving as curator of the group’s international music festival for the next 15 years, according to Global Poverty Project’s chief executive Hugh Evans. Mr. Evans oversees the campaign.

Martin, who indicated in 2014 that Coldplay’s next album would be its last, said in a recent interview that he hopes to use his celebrity contacts to bring attention to the organization’s causes, which include gender equality and environmental sustainability, in addition to the elimination of extreme poverty.

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