‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Might Have Spilled The Beans On A Big Spoiler

The Walking Dead fans are always looking for some sweet spoilers so they can find out what’s going to happen to their favorite characters. Still, there is the old saying about being careful what you wish for, and it seems a group of The Walking Dead fans got more than you bargained for when the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman spilled the beans on one particular possible spoiler that had the group up in arms.

Kirkman appeared on a comedy quiz show which is also hosted by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick. Normally Hardwick’s show features gifted comedians but the latest episode was decided Walking Dead centric with Kirkman, Lauren Cohan (Maggie), and Josh McDermitt (Eugene) as the guests. With the theme already trending towards the hit AMC series, the group also played a game where they were charged with making up funny The Walking Dead spoilers.

Cohan and McDermitt were seemingly having fun making up some truly silly stuff, but when it was Kirkman’s turn he dropped a spoiler that some people wonder might be true. For those who haven’t read the comic book, the “joke” Kirkman dropped on the show hit pretty close to home for those who did. It also was a spoiler for a direction that many Walking Dead fans have been thinking the show might go.

According to Blastr, The Walking Dead creator said, “Eventually a character named Negan is introduced. He’s going to bash in Glenn’s brains with a baseball bat called Lucille.” This is actually what happens to Glenn late in the comic’s run and is truly shocking to readers because of how many different tight scrapes the character has gotten into and out of. Up until that moment, it seemed that Glenn was going to be as untouchable in The Walking Dead‘s comic book version as Rick.

Should this season include that particular moment, it would mean further loss for Maggie, especially who already lost her sister Beth in this season’s mid-season finale. According to Cohan, there is still going to be quite a bit coming up in The Walking Dead showing how her character is dealing with that particular loss. It would also be yet another big time character dying in a season that has already seen Tyrese bite the big one in the mid-season premiere.

Negan has been a character that was expected to show up as the next “Big Bad” and in the last episode of The Walking Dead that aired, Glenn actually picked up a baseball in what was seen as a nod to the Negan and Glenn plot point. It stands to reason that Kirkman gave that particular spoiler because it won’t happen in the series. On the other hand, perhaps The Walking Dead creator expects people to assume just that.

[Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images for AMC]