Homeless Man Breaks Into Funeral Home, Has Sex With Corpse

A horrible story out of Columbus, Georgia, has a grieving family even more upset. Police have arrested a 26-year-old homeless man after he broke into a funeral home and had sex with a woman’s corpse as it laid at rest.

Georgia Police did arrest Domonique Smith on Monday and charged him with necrophilia, according to 5 News Online.

Smith is also accused of stealing a bicycle from the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service. Police were actually investigating the burglary at the funeral home when evidence was found of the other horrific crime.

Captain Gordon Griswould of the Columbus Police Department said it was then that the police realized the evidence pointed to Smith having sex with a dead woman.

“The investigation led us to believe he had a sexual act with the woman’s body.”

There was no comment as to what kind of sexual act was performed on the woman’s body by Smith. The victim in the case was also not identified, but her family had been informed of the charges as the investigation continues.

According to Hawaii News Online, the homeless man was also charged with second-degree burglary, entering an unoccupied dwelling, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and theft by receiving stolen property.

If Smith is convicted of the necrophilia charge, he could end up being sentenced to a prison sentence of one to 10 years.

The crime is believed to have happened sometime between 7 p.m. on Sunday evening and 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

Griswould said that he actually couldn’t remember the last time there was a necrophilia case in Muscogee County or Columbus, Georgia, at all.

“This is extremely rare.”

Cedric Hill is the funeral director at Hill Watson peoples Funeral Service, and he declined to comment on the situation or to give any details at all.

“We hold our families dear. We look for the best protection and security for the families we have served in this community for 65 years.”

Smith did plead guilty to all of the charges when he appeared in Recorder’s Court on Wednesday. He’s being held on bonds totaling $20,000, and Judge Michael Cielinski has bound the charges over to Superior Court.

During the hearing in court, Smith said very little but did acknowledge what the officer said. He told the judge, “I want to verify what he said.”

The homeless man may have a long prison sentence ahead of him for breaking into the funeral home in Columbus, Georgia, and having sex with a corpse. His other charges could bring him even more time, but the family now has even more grieving to do.

[Image via Muscogee County Jail]