UFO Disclosure: Outgoing Obama Aide, John Podesta, Regrets Not Yet Revealing Truth About UFOs

John Podesta is reportedly a paranormal enthusiast with a special interest in UFOs, aliens, and other unexplained phenomena that appear in the skies and on the land around the world.

John Podesta is also the former senior advisor to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, and will be chairing Hillary Clinton’s probable upcoming presidential campaign, reports Vox.

Put UFO and paranormal enthusiast together with high-level-government-guy that has an interest in the U.S. government disclosing what it knows regarding the possibilities of what might really be “out there”, UFO or otherwise, and you have a recipe for intriguing, to say the least.

And in his current farewells, John Podesta makes clear the U.S. government does have UFO secrets to reveal, more UFO files to disclose, and that he’s a fan of the classic paranormal T.V. show The X-Files.

During his Clinton years, while not focused solely on UFO disclosure, Podesta led the charge to have millions of pages of classified government information declassified. His efforts to have the U.S. government reveal its UFO intel was somewhat put on the back burner by the Bush years, but Podesta did bring his political clout to a 2002 news conference put on by the Coalition for Freedom of Information to put in his word regarding the government declassifying UFO records.

“It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.”

But disclosure of government information on UFO records isn’t all Podesta championed, of course. He also founded the Center for American Progress, an organization that quickly gained recognition and prestige in the “center-left” arena of Washington, D.C.

I worked for a while at (Center for American Progress),” writes Matthew Yglesias in Vox.

“And can testify that while there were a lot of in-house jokes about Podesta and UFOs (including an alien-themed holiday party one December) there was approximately zero institutional effort expended on the(UFO) cause.”

But John Podesta has remained a huge fan of the extraterrestrial realm, reports the Washington Post.

Reporting back to duty at the White House for President Obama in 2013, Podesta mock-lamented what his return meant.

“The Obama presidential library will be inundated — just as the Clinton library in Little Rock has been — with Freedom of Information Act requests, such as this one: for ‘e-mails to and from John Podesta, containing the words either, X-Files or Area 51.”

With John Podesta’s Clinton history, and Hillary having a shot at the White House, who knows what UFO info may be disclosed come 2016?

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