Jimmy Page To Release ‘Sound Tracks’ Box Set

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has announced the release of Sound Tracks, a special edition box set compiling his compositions for the films Lucifer Rising and Death Wish II.

In an announcement on Page’s website, the album is described as a quadruple box set, containing not only the original works but also rare, never-before-heard tracks. The package includes Lucifer Rising: The Second Coming and Death Wish II: Expansion, two new discs that contain archival material. According to Page, those tracks document that creative process at work behind the original albums.

“The archive material and work included here serve as an illustration of the ongoing process at the time of these two projects.”

Though Sound Tracks is set to be released on Friday, March 6, short clips of some of the tracks have been uploaded to Jimmy Page’s SoundCloud feed. Some of the music, like the track Sonic Textures 1 – Earth, is ambient and highly experimental, and as it was composed by Page for film, represents a distinct departure from his work with Led Zeppelin. Other tracks, like Prelude, see Page playing his guitar in a band context, and will be far more accessible to fans of his Zeppelin work.

The material that comprises Sound Tracks was recorded by Page in the late 70s and early 80s, at his home studio in Plumpton and The Sol studio in Cookham. The new release features not only the additional discs, but also a track-by-track analysis of the archival material by Page, depicted across 36 pages with original artwork.

Recently, Page has been engaged in the release of the highly lauded remasters of the Led Zeppelin catalog. Coupled with archival discs compiled by Page, which give fans a deeper insight into the creative process behind the iconic band, the remastered albums have been widely considered a success, debuting several previously unheard tracks.

The announcement of the album comes 30 years after another of Page’s post-Zeppelin projects debuted, as the guitarist united with vocalist Paul Rodgers to form The Firm in 1985.

Three versions of Sound Tracks are available to pre-order on Page’s official website, including a CD or Vinyl edition, each comprising four discs, or a Deluxe Edition, signed by Jimmy Page.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]