Drake Album Art DIY App Font Is 'ChickFilA Cow's Suicide Note'

Drake released a new album on February 12, and now an app has been developed so that you can make Drake's album artwork on your phone or computer. The new mixtape has a song that is dedicated to Drake's mother, and the artwork you create with this app can be a digital Valentine's Day gift to your own mom -- or it can be another tool used to tease Drake fans.

The new Drake album is titled If You're Reading This, It's Too Late. On Twitter, people are tweeting about how funny the font is that Drake decided to use for the cover. For instance, @LunarMind stated that the font looked like a suicide note the Chick-Fil-A cow might use, as in the advertisements for the restaurant, and tweeted an example photo.

In a play-on-words, the developers of the Drake app called the website If You're Typing This, It's Too Late. The Drake album artwork app was released on February 13 by freelance app designers @riklomas and @whybray. But are users happy with the Drake app? Complex Music highlights a tweet by @RossScarano that says, "This is supposed to be in the form of a question but you can't do question marks, smh." So far, the Drake album artwork app has been a great success -- perhaps too successful. Within 24 hours of releasing the Drake app, Simon Whybray tweeted that the website was getting overloaded by users, and the page was not displaying.Are you curious about making cool apps like the one that Whybray and Rik Lomas made for the Drake album? One of the pinned tweets for RikLomas states, "Want to learn to code? I'm looking for beta testers for my new startup. Sign up here!" The website that RikLomas posted states that no experience is required and the product will be released sometime in February -- but it does not mention Drake directly.

Was this new product intended to be related to Drake? Or was the Drake app a last minute way for Rik Lomas and Whybray to have fun? Currently, there are few clues on the Drake app developers' Twitter accounts that talk about the background on this brilliant piece of digital hijinks.

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