Bruce Jenner To Reveal New Name As A Woman — See What He’s Been Considering

Bruce Jenner will reveal the name he will ask people to call him after he transitions to a woman during his highly-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer.

The interview has already been filmed, and according to Radar Online, Jenner finally reveals what everyone has been speculating on for months — he really is transitioning into a woman. He reportedly “spared no detail” as he discussed the transition, even revealing the name he plans to adopt when he becomes a woman.

Although sources have yet to reveal the name, Radar Online also has Jenner’s reported “short list” of possibilities.

  1. Bruscilla. And no, that’s no joke. Bruscilla was actually the first name Bruce considered, but it’s now a long shot for making the actual cut. A source explained, “At first Bruce was intrigued with Bruscilla, but after he thought about it some more, he decided it didn’t work for him.” Apparently (and probably fortunately), Bruce Jenner eventually decided that Bruscilla didn’t “roll off the tongue” very well and sounded more like a disease than a name.

  2. Agnes. It’s somewhat of a throwback and maybe even a little stodgy, but it’s reported that Olympian Bruce Jenner likes the idea of paying tribute to Hungarian-Israeli gymnast Ágnes Keleti, who won 10 Olympic medals.

  3. Brigette or Bridget. Bruce does seem to like the B sound — and, of course, he’s spent his entire life as Bruce, after all. This possibility, a source claims, is to pay tribute to legendary star Brigette Bardot.

  4. Chastity. This one may be a far shot, but Jenner has reportedly been receiving a lot of help and support from Chaz Bono, another person who transitioned genders in the public eye — and the son of his ex-girlfriend, no less. Chastity was Chaz’s name before he transitioned from woman to man.

  5. Zoey. Bruce literally couldn’t get further away from the “B” in Bruce than by choosing Zoey, which would also be a nod to Zoey Tur, a groundbreaking transgender woman who made headlines for becoming Inside Edition’s first transgender on-air reporter.

  6. Belinda. The name is sweet and utterly feminine, with meanings of both “beautiful one” and “snake,” depending on which translation is used. Belinda, a source says, is the front runner on Jenner’s short list of names he may choose to be called by when he finishes his transition. Why? The source says simply that, “Inside, he has always been Belinda.”

Bruce, in case you were wondering, is an English name that simply means “thick brush.”

What do you think of the names Bruce Jenner has reportedly put on his short list? Do you have a favorite — and which one would you bet on?

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[Image via ET Online]