Mel Gibson In Car Crash — Again! But This Time Victim Is Hounding Him For Cash, Report Alleges

Mel Gibson was involved in yet another car crash late last year, according to a report published Friday, but this one has earned him something other than a dented fender. The victim of the crash has reportedly been hounding the Lethal Weapon star for a piece of his massive Hollywood fortune.

Gibson, driving a 2008 Maserati, was involved in a one-car accident back in August of 2010, when he mistakenly steered the vehicle right instead of left on the twisty Malibu Canyon Road and smacked the vehicle into a rocky hillside.

Though Gibson was notoriously arrested in 2006 on a drunken driving charge in Malibu, in which he became verbally abusive toward a police officer, spewing forth sexist and anti-Semitic remarks, after the 2010 accident, the Passion Of The Christ producer/director was “a perfect gentleman,” according to police.

Officers also said that alcohol was not a factor in that accident, which “at that location and on that road, it could have happened to anybody,” according to California Highway Patrol officer Leland Tang.

In the latest accident, which according to separate reports took place either right after Christmas or early in January, Gibson was uninjured — but could have been seriously hurt.

Gibson was driving not far from his Malibu home when he somehow plowed into a parked car, totaling the vehicle.

The damage to his own car was so severe that Gibson needed assistance extricating himself from the vehicle. But reportedly, the seemingly indestructible Braveheart star was not seriously injured.

Again displaying courtesy, Gibson left a note on the 13-year-old vehicle — which was empty when he struck it — that included his insurance and personal information, including his own phone number.

According to a report by the celebrity news site TMZ, Gibson’s insurance company compensated the victim for the damage and provided a rental car for her use.

“But she started calling and texting him that she wanted more,” TMZ reported Friday.

“Our Mel sources say she demanded more cash and a new car.”

In fact, the site’s reporters continued, “the woman began contacting Mel incessantly, trying to squeeze him and he finally threatened to sic his lawyers on her for harassing him. On her part, the woman has threatened to sue him.”

Police say that alcohol was “absolutely not” a factor in the latest accident, either. Mel Gibson apparently just hit the woman’s parked car for reasons unknown.

Now the crash victim wants a piece of the Mel Gibson fortune, estimated at $425 million — even after losing half of his personal wealth in a 2011 divorce from his wife of 31 years.

[Image: Matej Divizna/Getty Images]