Martina Big And Inflatable Breast Implants: 32K Model Wants To Get Even Bigger

Martina Big may be one of the only women in the world who can adjust her breast size without any surgical procedure. Of course, she spent a fortune to get to this point, but that’s something.

Martina’s breasts are so large that her native Germany doesn’t actually have a size for her.

“In the beginning I was a 70D,” she explains. “Now I am a 32K. 70K does not exist in Germany, so I have gone over to British sizes. The cup size in Germany ends with G.”

Big intends to get, well, bigger, and she will be able to do it without surgery, according to Barcroft TV, which notes that the types of breast implants she now has allowed her to increase the size without further operations.

At 26-years-old, Big earns her living as a model. Her boyfriend Michael — they’ve been together since she was 17 — also acts as her manager. He’s the one who initially encouraged Martina to become a model and leave behind her career as an air hostess.

“Well we do a lot of tours,” he said. “Half the time we will be at home and the other half we are traveling, and then we have about one to two shoots a day.”

From where does Martina Big derive most of her inspiration? She tells Barcroft that it’s Pamela Anderson society has to thank (or blame depending on how this strikes you).

She said, “Well even when I was a child I was fascinated by her curves in Baywatch. Shortly afterwards I remember Katie Price with her Barbie bimbo style.”

Following school, Martina got the air hostess job and fell for Michael, who was a pilot.

“Well she was always a very beautiful woman,” Michael said, “but her nose was bigger, her hips were wider, her breasts were significantly smaller and the actual incentive for what we have done came from Martina. But when she explained her ideas to me I was excited straight away.”

Altogether, Martina Big has spent 50,000 euros on operations to get to the point where she is today. That exchanges to around $56,985 U.S. This number includes not only her implants, but also work done to her lips, teeth, nose, hips, and legs, making for what Barcroft calls “an exaggerated Barbie look.”

As for the adjustments that she can make to her breast size, Big explains calling her breasts “fillable.”

“There is a walnut-shaped port here and attached there is a long hose,” she says pointing to an area just under her armpit. After six separate procedures, she has added a significant amount of volume to her breast implants, going from 650 milliliters to 2,500 milliliters per breast.

Big says her doctor “is controlling this very well and it’s obviously an interesting and unusual project but it’s nothing dangerous. If there was any indication during the check-ups that for example the breasts have become too heavy and my rib cage is about to deform, then of course we would stop it.”

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