Kimberly A. Jacobs: Woman Nearly Kills Mom By Beating Her With Frying Pan And Hammer

Kimberly A. Jacobs pleaded guilty to nearly beating her mother to death with a frying pan last September. The incident that happened in York County, Pennsylvania, occurred because the woman “just wanted peace and quiet” from her mom, Lenore Jacobs.

The 47-year-old pleaded guilty Thursday to charges of aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. Those charges replaced attempted murder and aggravated assault charges because the prosecutor agreed to drop them if Kimberly confessed, the Patriot News reports.

Northern York County Police responded to a call on September 5 after Kimberly nearly beat her mom to death. Kimberly called 911 when she didn’t successfully kill her mother.

According to police, Mrs. Jacobs was hit on the head about 20 times with a pan, then with a four-pound hammer. When police arrived, the elderly woman had multiple skull fractures and had lost a lot of blood. Mrs. Jacobs told police that her daughter was hitting her because she was crying.

Kimberly A. Jacobs confessed to hitting her mother with heavy objects and also planned to kill her father and herself. Her father, William Jacobs, was sleeping at the time Kimberly was bludgeoning her mother.

According to the report, Kimberly had taken care of her ailing mother for years and her father recently developed his own health issues in the last few months. Before the onset of William Jacobs’ health problems took over, he was able to help his daughter care for her mother. When his condition began to deteriorate, she had no one helping her out. Kimberly told police that she was doing everything herself. Mr. Jacobs isn’t able to hear well, which is why he was undisturbed by the violent episode of his daughter hitting his wife with a frying pan and hammer.

Upon giving her confession, Kimberly will serve up to two years in prison, have two years probation, and is required to undergo a mental health evaluation. She’s also not allowed to have any abusive contact with her mother, the York Daily Record reports. The woman was held without bail until later, when it changed to $1 million.

As the Inquisitr has reported in today’s distressing headlines, people caring for family members may lose control when they feel hopeless and trapped. This is especially true in murder-suicide situations — which is what Kimberly A. Jacobs envisioned had she attained her goal in killing her mother.

[Photo Credit: York County Prison via NY Daily News]