Bill Bresnan, Most Romantic Husband In The World, Has Written Wife Over 10,000 Love Letters In 30 Years

Bill Bresnan knows what it takes to be a good husband, and he’s been living it every day for more than three decades of marriage.

He and wife Kirsten, both 74, aren’t unlike your typical couple. They bicker. They laugh. They sit close to one another. Go everywhere together. But there is one attribute of their marriage that most other marriages don’t have. For the last three decades, he has written her a love letter every single day.

Kirsten estimates that in all, her husband has penned around 10,000 love letters, and she has kept all of them organized and in hanging file folders so they can look back on all their memories and know what they were doing and feeling on a given day.

Bill Bresnan usually gives his wife the love letter before they go to bed at night. He explained to the Huffington Post how the practice got started.

“I began when we were dating and when it began it wasn’t every single day… I’d give her a note or scribble on a napkin for her and send postcards. That evolved into everyday.”

Bresnan also said that “sometime in the early ’80s,” he made a conscious decision to start giving Kirsten the love letters every night, though he admits he “didn’t think I’d keep it up for this long!”

But keep it up he has, and it has resulted in a lifestyle where the New Jersey couple hardly ever fight.

“We’ve never gone to bed mad or without kissing. All issues and arguments ended at night. It’s one of the keys to a happy marriage. She looks forward to getting the notes every single day.”

It’s safe to say that Bill Bresnan may be the most romantic husband in the world, and he sets the bar pretty darn high for the rest of us. Luckily, he has some advice for young couples.

“You’ll see a young couple at restaurant, the people are just sticking heads into devices instead of looking into each other’s eyes… If you concentrate on each other and don’t be distracted by all the other minutiae outside, you will be fine. It worked for us!”

Bill also said that for a loving and long-lasting relationship, you have to show you love each other “every single day,” whether it’s a love letter or some other expression.

Here’s more from the adorable couple.

So how about it, guys and ladies? Do you have any daily rituals like Bill Bresnan does? How do you show your spouse / significant other you love them every day? Share your stories in the comments section.