Tiger Woods Marriage Rumors: Sources Say Tiger And Lindsey Vonn Planning Valentine’s Day Wedding

The Tiger Woods marriage rumors are heating up as the golfer flew to be with longtime girlfriend Lindsey Vonn for what could be a secret Valentine’s Day weekend wedding.

Woods recently announced that he would be taking a break from golf to focus on recovering from a number of injuries, and later that same day he showed up on Colorado to support Vonn at the FIS Alpine skiing world championships.

For the last two weeks rumors have been flying that Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are thinking marriage, with insiders saying they may be planning a Valentine’s Day ceremony.

But others have denied the rumors, including a source who told E! News that while Lindsey and Tiger Woods are close to marriage, it’s not happening quite yet.

“She’s not running off to get married. She’s skiing!” said the insider.

Tiger and Lindsey have kept many details of their relationship private, which Lindsey said can be difficult to pull off.

“It’s been tough. Having your life on display is never easy, but what I think connects us so well is sports and trying to be No. 1 in what we do. We have so much in common in that regard. We always come back to that. We always have roots. And no matter what anyone has to say around us, we know who we are and that’s all that matters.”

This may also be a difficult time for Woods, who is under scrutiny for his decision to walk away from golf for a while. Woods has also not given a time frame for when he could return.

“Right now, I need a lot of work on my game, and to still spend time with the people that are important to me,” Woods said. “My play, and scores, are not acceptable for tournament golf. Like I’ve said, I enter a tournament to compete at the highest level, and when I think I’m ready, I’ll be back.”

If the rumors are true, this would be the second time Tiger Woods has entered marriage. He was married to model Elin Nordegren for six years.

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