Guy Turns His Girlfriend Into Disney Princesses For The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

Girlfriend Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can head out and get chocolates or flowers or jewelry or anything common like that. Some of those things may work and so could a romantic dinner or something, but one guy has made all other guys look bad. For Valentine’s Day 2015, he took his artistic skills and turned his girlfriend into the Disney Princesses.

Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

Yes, he really did.

Brian Flynn was able to team up with an illustrator by the name of Dylan Bonner to change the appearance of his girlfriend, Manini Gupta. He had no bad intentions as together, her appearance was changed to look just like various Disney Princesses such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

Yes, that’s really his girlfriend and she was brilliantly transformed into an animated character and fits perfectly in the dress of Belle. She was also turned into Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled, Jasmine from Aladdin, and more.

The couple’s real-life dog was even thrown in for good measure.

Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

Flynn actually spoke with The Huffington Post and revealed that he worked on the Valentine’s Day gift for about three months, and had to constantly hide what he was doing. He wanted it to be a surprise for Gupta.

“I love surprising Manini, and I wanted to create something really unique,” Flynn said. “Mani once told me a story about how as a kid, when she was playing pretend Disney Princesses with her friends, they’d always make her be Jasmine. I thought it would be so cool if she could be all of the princesses. On the other hand, I’ve been friends with Dylan for years. He’s the most talented illustrator I’ve ever met, and I wanted to do something to share his artwork.”

Gupta has long been a huge Disney fan and it goes back to when she was a little girl. She went and saw “Disney On Ice” and thought it was absolutely brilliant.

Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

Upon seeing what her boyfriend had done for her on Valentine’s Day, she was blown away. It was hard for her to imagine that she was now a Disney Princess or more so, a bevy of beautiful Disney Princesses.

“At first I was in disbelief — like, ‘is that my face in a Disney drawing?!’— but then I was just amazed by the artistry and what a thoughtful and deeply personal gift Brian and Dylan created!” Gupta said, per Flynn. “I can’t believe Brian kept this secret for three months; when it comes to surprises, he’s normally the worst secret keeper.”

Bonner’s work captured Gupta as a Disney Princess in perfect and priceless fashion. She fits flawlessly into the works as Mulan, Ariel, and Belle. He threw Flynn in for good measure as Prince Eric and Flynn Rider for good measure.

Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

According to what Flynn has said on reddit, Bonner started every single piece of art from scratch. He didn’t go over the scenes from the Disney movies and just change the face. No, Bonner started with a blank piece of paper and created these works of art amazingly well.

Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

When comparing Bonner’s work to the real-life counterparts of Brian Flynn and Manini Gupta, you have to give the guy credit because his work is flawless. It’s obvious who is now in the animated works of Disney history, and there really couldn’t be a better gift to give on the most loving holiday of the year.

Disney Princesses Valentine's Day

Brian Flynn really got a great idea and he knew what he was doing when he commissioned Dylan Bonner to turn his girlfriend into Disney Princesses for Valentine’s Day. Not only did he win over her heart, but now his story is going viral, and he’s winning the hearts of women everywhere.

[Images via Dylan Bonner]