Niall Horan’s Butt Stars In Liam Payne’s Concert Video

Liam Payne recently lived out every Directioner’s dream by getting up close and personal with Niall Horan’s butt. While filming a very special concert video for a fan, Liam just couldn’t resist going in for a close-up of Niall’s glutes.

According to MTV News, Liam Payne filmed the footage of Niall Horan this week during a One Direction show in Sydney, Australia. A Directioner in the crowd was desperate to interact with the band in some way, so she decided to throw her GoPro camera on the stage. Luckily, Payne was nice enough to record an incredible video for the girl before returning the camera to her. You can check out Liam’s camerawork below.

Underneath the YouTube video, the Directioner who risked losing her camera explained how her camera’s epic adventure went down.

“It was near the end of the show and I caught eye contact with Liam,” she wrote. “I made a gesture if I could throw my GoPro on stage and he gestured back to do it. He filmed for a bit, then said he was going to film Niall’s bum when he wasn’t looking.. He did that and then quickly turned it back when he turned around.”

Payne got pretty close to Horan’s butt, but no man has been closer to it than James Corden, the new host of The Late Late Show — the cheeky comedian once tattooed his face on one of Niall’s cheeks. Luckily, the tat was just temporary.

Directioners totally freaked out over the Corden incident, so Liam Payne thought he knew what the Sydney concertgoer wanted to see. However, she wasn’t all that interested in Niall Horan’s butt — she responded to Liam’s kind gesture by begging him to record some footage of Harry Styles.

“He was about to throw it back when I mouthed ‘Harry’ to him,” she wrote. “He looked down the stage and saw that he was too far. He was about to start walking down the stage to get him when he turns back and says ‘I can’t’ and I was gesturing him to take it with him, and he said ‘I’ll walk up there and you’ll never get it back’ and then threw it back. But he ALMOST did it for me.”

Liam Payne might be nice enough to record concert footage using the cameras that are tossed at him, but Niall Horan once begged Directioners to quit throwing objects onstage during performances. According to Gossip Cop, a fan struck Niall in the knee with an unidentified object during a One Direction concert last June. The hit actually drew blood, and Niall was in noticeable pain.

“Can you limit what gets thrown on stage please!” he tweeted after the performance. “Coz somethin thrown at me tonight! Hit my knee! A lot of pain from it!”

What do you think of Liam Payne’s footage of Niall Horan above? Was it wrong of the One Direction fan to throw her camera at Liam after what happened to Niall?

[Image credit: David Becker/Getty]