Thioro Mbow Accused Of Burning Daughters Alive, Calling Husband So He Could Hear Them Scream

Thioro Mbow, a Belgian mother of three, is being accused of locking her three daughters in a shed, setting it on fire, and then calling her estranged husband on the phone so that he could hear his children scream as they burned to death.

Mbow, 35, reportedly called her husband Hellmut Ulin, 38, and relayed her chilling message calmly.

“I can hear their screams but I will do nothing to save them. You’d better hurry, but you will be too late to rescue them. They won’t survive.”

Ulin was working on a building site 12 miles away from Mbow’s home when he received the phone call from his estranged wife coldly informing him that she was burning their daughters to death and would do nothing to save them. Ulin immediately got in his car and raced back towards home. Fearing that he would not make it in time, Ulin phoned his sister, who lives just around the corner from the family home located in Lennik, near Brussels, Belgium.

But by the time anyone arrived on the scene, it was too late. Mbow had been correct – their father had been unable to rescue them, and none of the girls survived. Ulin arrived to find nothing but the charred bodies of his three beloved daughters. The children, named Madyson, Abbygail, and Omy were aged six, four and two.

Thioro Mbow burned her three young daughters to death.

Another daughter of Mbow from a previous relationship was in school at the time.

Mbow reportedly told Ulin, “Ten minutes of screaming and then it was all over.”

The apparent motive behind the horrendous crime that Mbow committed was that Mbow had received a letter from her husband’s lawyer demanding custody of the three girls. Mbow made that clear to her estranged husband over the phone, while their daughters burned in the locked shed.

“I will never surrender my children to you.”

Family friend Viviane van Eeckhoudt had accompanied Ulin’s sister to the home of Mbow. According to her, there was simply no chance to save the three girls. Mbow had stuffed the shed with paper before locking her daughters in it and setting it on fire. Van Eeckhoudt said, “The flamers were so fierce. It was a horrible death.”

As for the demeanor of Mbow, family friend van Eeckhoudt paints a chilling picture.

“We saw the mother at the scene. There were no tears in her eyes and she did not seem to be in a panic.”

The 35-year-old mother has been arrested on suspicion of murder and taken in for questioning.

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[Images via the Mirror]