Xperia Z3 Is to Receive Lollipop Update in March

Xperia Z3, despite previous allegations, is most likely to receive the 5.0 Andoid Lollipop update only in March and not in late February. Sony stated that Xperia series will start receiving the update in February, with Xperia Z3 and Z2 being the first to get it and Z1 following a little bit later. This information was further reinforced by a press release issued by Australian carrier Vodafone that confirmed the rollout and encouraged users to expect it before the end of winter. Later, however, all these posts were removed.

According to ChristianToday, the delay was caused by a number of bugs found in the source code of the updated OS.

“Sony is currently primping the update with its minor tweaks and additions before rolling it out to the public. The Japanese OEM manufacturer reportedly began a pilot program in partnership with carrier network Three in Sweden and allowed Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact users to test drive Android 5.0 in their devices”.

Thus, according to the latest information Z3 and, perhaps, Z2 are going to receive Lollipop update in March, while Z1 users will have to wait until April.

Sony seems to be paying great attention to bringing their Xperia series, and especially Z3, up to date. Only recently The Inquisitr reported that they swiftly reacted to an uncovered WiFi hotspot compliance issue – when the phone was used as a hotspot, it exceeded the accepted safe limits of radio frequencies.

“Sony immediately issued the update to the Xperia Z3 that will correct the WiFi Hotspot RF output problem that’s caused cell phone providers to place a stop-sell order on the device.”

That update was issued January, 30, and carried a number of other improvements and additional features, like a new camera app and enhanced volume in notifications and ringtones.

However, most users seem to be more concerned with a long delay of Lollipop than with safety issues – after all, the software was released three months ago and is yet to land on any Sony smartphones. The company, nevertheless, is adamant in their decision to deliver the update bug-free. It being one of the most significant Andoid updates, offering a complete overhaul of user interface called Material Design, this decision is more than understandable.

Anyway, Xperia Z3 is far from being the last to receive the update – Samsung and LG aren’t exactly falling over themselves trying to bring it to their devices as well.